Siracusa is a lovely charming town, where the strolls around the city become more and more beautiful as you move about.

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Siracusa is a lovely charming town, where the strolls around the city become more and more beautiful as you move about. Furthermore, the beauty is greatly enriched by the beautiful Ortiga district, located at one end of the town, and the archaeological site at the other end.

Siracusa is located in the southeastern corner of Sicily on the road down towards the Ionian Sea. It is just a short drive away from the airport of Catania, requiring just 45 minutes on the road from the major international airports in the west of Sicily.

Siracusa is located in Sicily


Holiday in Siracusa

Sights in Siracusa

Siracusa offers the discerning tourists lots of sights to explore. And we will start off with a tour in the old town of Ortiga. Reaching out on the peninsula the weather here is always a little warmer than elsewhere on the island.

Here you will be able to explore large and handsome palaces dotted around the area, towering high into the Sicilian sky and with their elegant facades.

There are plenty of attractions to visit in Ortiga, and while you will be the best person to judge what should be seen, the stunning Duomo of the city could easily be a candidate high on the list. Opposite the Duomo you can also see Palazzo Beneventano del Bosco, a living testament to the Baroque style of the city.

Here you will be enjoying your time amongst the incredible wealth of great art and culture in Ortiga. That means you might need to spend a lot of time here in order to experience everything. We recommend that you try touring the small museum in the Municipio, which tells the story of the temples. And inside the Galleria Numismatica, you will get the true story of the city’s heyday, which tells of the massive wealth of the city at the time with a special coin collection.


Sights in northern Siracusa

At the northern end of the city, near Tyche, lies the Museo Archeologico Regionale Paolo Orsi, which has the largest collection of artifacts, ranging from the Stone Age and up to Byzantine times.

The Parco Archeologico is located near the Neapolis neighborhood where it houses the Teatro Romano. Here you will find the spectacular amphitheater, Teatro Greco di Siracusa, from where you have a heavenly view across the Neapolis district, which is also surrounded by the amphitheater park.

The wonderful climate invites you to travel to Siracusa all year round, even for Christmas. On the 13th and 20th of December each year, there is the Festa di Santa Lucia, which sees people from all over eastern Sicily, and of course foreign tourists join in the celebrations.

The wines of this area are not as well known as those from the west of Sicily, but you should not miss out on the Donnafugata. Once you have been here, whether again or for the first time, there will be no doubt that the Roman consul Cicero was right in his assertion, that Siracusa is the most beautiful.


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The Greek Theater in Siracusa

The Greek Theater of Siracusa is a relic dating back to Greek times, and among the best preserved that are still left in our world.

The theater dates back to ancient times, and is one of the few Greek theaters where it is possible to name the actual architect, Damocapo.

It was customary to host exhibitions for the ancient Greeks, and in addition the theater was popular to use for gatherings of various occasions. During the 16th century the theater was plundered by the Spanish workers under Charles V, who stole the good stones that had already been used to build the fortifications at Ortiga.

Greek theater in Siracusa