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Italians love football - Calcio!

A few years ago, Samsung did a large survey in Europe to find out where the greatest interest in football was and how much time was spent on football (calcio in Italian).

Not surprisingly, it is the Italians who spend most time on football. So even if the finances of the Italian clubs are not in any way competitive with competing leagues in Germany, Spain and especially in England, fortunately this has not taken away the Italian’s joy and passion for the popular sport and for Serie A.

You will notice this interest when you are sitting at a sidewalk café drinking your espresso, when you are on sightseeing in the cities, at restaurants and not least when you are going to a football match at the stadium. You will find the passion for the round ball everywhere. Look forward to it!

Useful information and good advice.


The Italian infrastructure is not great, written with all due respect, and it can take a while to get from the stadium after a football match if you have gone there by car.

So, firstly, you must arrive well in advance of the game to find a parking space at a reasonable distance from the stadium.

Secondly, I would advise you not to make other plans at a fixed time because the traffic is usually intense and terrible after the match.

When you take public transport to a football match in Italy, you can sometimes experience the most bizarre situations. It can, for example, be that the only kiosk that sells tram tickets in Piazza Popolo in Rome has no more tickets, or as in Salerno, that the metro station by the stadium is not being used, and I could go on and on.

Forget about finding a taxi at the stadium after the match, instead look for the metro, train, or bus, but be prepared for a long walk. Fortunately, all this is something you will laugh about in 100 years.


The clubs encourage people to buy tickets for the matches online and state that it can be done in a few minutes. Be aware that, in Italy, tickets often go on sale only the week before the match, so keep an eye on the clubs’ websites.

Always remember your passport when you go to a match. Photo ID is a requirement for football matches in Italy, and make sure the name on the ticket is identical to the name on your passport.

If tickets for a match are sold out and you have reached the stadium and buy someone else’s ticket, the name on the ticket MUST be changed, otherwise you will not get in. You can do this at one of the ticket booths at the stadium. They are open even if sold out.

Watch Calcio in Italy

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