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At Italiavia is our pleasure to present and convey our knowledge about Italy to all of you on our website.

Our love to Italy has no limits and if you will get half way there, just by browsing our website site

Meet the team

At Italiavia we call ourselves experts in everything concerning holidays in Italiy. We do that because we have been travelling Italy from north to south for more than 25 years. 

We have been at the exact location you will be going on your next italian holiday. Therefore you can ask us anythink ahead of your journey.

Where you’re going skiing in the Dolomites, bathing in the Lido, touring through Rome or travelling in the Sila Mountains or if your goal is simply to eat a nice pasta by Etna, we can help you.

Jesper Mejer Kristensen

Basically, I think everything about Italy is absoloutely amazing. I have been a firm lover of Italy since the 80’s and have been travelling to Italy countless times during the past 25 years.

If I was to highlight anything about Italy it would have to be Italian football, the cuisine, the culture and the general relaxed approach to life.

I often travel to the “unknown” Italy, and my knowledge peaks around Liguria, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio, Puglia, Campania and the most beautiful villages in Italy

Søren Henriksen

I primarily love Italy because of football, red wine and the food! My favorite Region is Tuscany, which is very conveniently also a nice place to be regarding food and wine.

I’ve visited Italy numerous times through the years. Once in my youth I had the pleasure of losing a football game 23-0 to a team from Bologna.

Aside form Italiavia I run a small, Danish website called lydbogormen.dk which specializes in recommending audio book providers.