Positano has colorful houses that steepen down the cliffs on the Amalfi Coast and down towards the sea and the beautiful beaches.

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Positano in 20 seconds

Positano has colorful houses that steepen down the cliffs on the Amalfi Coast and down towards the sea and the beautiful beaches.

Positano is the last stop on the wonderful coast and if you drive directly from Vietri sul Mare, there are only 40 kilometers, but it will probably take you almost an hour and a half to drive here. If you come from the north, i.e., from Sorrento, it is a good half hour’s drive.

Positano is located in Campania


Holiday in Positano

Parking in Positano

If you are driving on the Almalfi coast, it is often difficult to find parking spaces, especially inside Amalfi town, but also at Atrani it can be difficult. That’s why we didn’t take a chance when we arrived in Positano and parked in one of the first parking lots on the way down to town.

I can’t remember the name of the car park, but I remember it costing 6-8 euros an hour, so it’s expensive, but just getting rid of the car for a few hours was nice.

The car park was a good distance from the beach and the town itself, so there was quite a way down and up again. Even though it was the beginning of October, the thermometer showed 29 degrees. But instead of complaining about the heat, we enjoyed it, even if it was hard to get back up the hill.

Positano is an old seaside town characterized by the many houses on the slopes. It is a long way from the beach and up to the houses on the top, but from up here you get a lovely view of the city and the sea. But believe me, the trip up is long and hard and invites several stops along the way.

Numerous hiking trails will get you to Positano. The most famous is from Agerola, where the route takes you up to 650 meters above sea level and a short 10 kilometers distance from Positano. Make sure you have good walking shoes and plenty of water.


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What you must see in Positano

Anyone who has visited the Amalfi Coast has one or more photo shots of Positano, where the houses cling to the hillsides, with the lovely beach in the foreground.

The historic center is centered around the church of Santa Maria Assunta, which beautifully goes hand in hand with the beach.

You just have to be present in the moment and experience the atmosphere, but it is must to visit the church down by the sea. Positano has been inhabited for many years, as evidenced by the caves, La Porta, Mezzogiorno and Erica.

The beaches of Positano

Tourists have been coming here since the time of the Roman Empire, when the lovely beaches were already well visited.

The beaches are a big reason why Positano can be proud, not just of the town, but of the entire coast.

Both Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo are both within walking distance of the city centre. You can reach La Porta, Arienzo and San Pietro Laurito via the sea.

Grotta dello Smeraldo

You absolutely must drive out and see it. It is a short drive from Positano and is famous throughout the world.

Nature has simply created a small indoor pool on the Amalfi Coast.

It is famous, not for its small size, but for the reflections that the water gives, along with the many stalactites.

The cave is not only popular for

tourists but also scientifically because of its rare marine species that enrich the Amalfi Coast.

Udsigt amalfikysten

Eating out in Positano

You are doing yourself a huge favor if you go out to eat when you are on holiday in Positano, or just visiting the town while you may be staying somewhere else on the coast.

We did that on our last visit to the Amalfi Coast, where we stayed in Salerno, but where we took a few trips out on the beautiful coast and of course all the way to the last town, namely Positano.

Ristorante C’Era Una Volta

I highly recommend this restaurant which is a small family run restaurant located on both sides of the road. This means that the tables face the slope, and although it sounds risky, you are of course sitting safely and comfortably with a fabulous view.

When you’ve walked as much as we had, and we’d wandered around the town and taken the long walk up and down, it might not be a piping hot pasta that you crave most. I can only speak for myself, but it was very hot, so I ordered ice cold water and a delicious plate of Bresaola and melon, and that made my day.

The reason I recommend this place is not the price, because I don’t remember what it cost, but the friendly service, which was provided by both a younger man and a slightly older woman. They are extremely nice and friendly, and they speak English. You cannot necessarily expect the waiters to speak English everywhere even if you are on the Amalfi Coast, where a lot of tourists come to visit.

We ended our meal with espresso before leaving the place.

Positano restaurant

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