The old part of Lecce has been influenced and dominated by the Baroque period, and in recent years the district has also received great international acclaim.

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Lecce in 20 seconds

In 2009, the UNESCO World Heritage List nominated Lecce for inclusion on its coveted list, as the Baroque period here is unparalleled anywhere else on earth.

The city lets you explore several beautiful piazzas and interesting street scenes, and also has a nice selection of restaurants and cafés. Piazza Sant’Oronzo is one of the main hubs of the city.

Lecce is located in Puglia

apulien (puglia) region på den italienske hæl

Holiday in Lecce

About Lecce

Lecce is not at all a small city, and it is quite rich in terms of sights to explore. For tourists the good news is that the majority of these are located within a relatively small area of the inner city, making it easy to explore all the sights.

For your holiday in Lecce, you should see the typical baroque churches, such as Santa Maria delle Grazie, Santa Irene, Santa Teresa, and perhaps the one we Scandinavians know the best, Santa Croce with the beautiful rose window. We also recommend that you explore Palazzo Vescovile and the Duomo. This is a walk that is truly unique! And if you have the time, consider also visiting the Roman Amphitheater – even though it is only partly excavated.


A city in two parts

We divide the city into two parts. The structure towards Via Antonietta de Pace is typical of the way they used to build in ancient Greece. Here you will find many beautiful and interesting aristocratic residences, very popular homes that lay side by side.  

On the other side of town we find the Riviera Cristoforo Colombo, where we immediately are afforded a view of the beautiful Palazzo Melodia which dates back to the 16th century. Continuing towards Via Patinari we will have the option of seeing the enchanting mansion, Rocchi. In Palazzo Zacheo you can admire the amazing painted ceilings that truly are a beautiful sight to behold.

The Basilica di Sant’Agata, the most important Christian temple in Gallipoli, dates back to the end of the 17th century. The church is located on the highest point of the city, and is built and styled in a classical baroque style.

A historic center

It may not sound like it, but it feels like it when you are enjoying life in the small streets. The views of the sea from every cobbled street make the trip unique and add to the atmosphere when visiting the historic center.

The old town feels like one big maze, which is actually quite fascinating if you can find your way around. There are several dead ends that can easily make you walk an extra mile in vain. But that is part of the charm and excitement of a holiday in southern Italy, right?


Lecce in Apulia

Visit Lecce by train

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When is the best time to visit Lecce?

For those that feel the need to ask this question, I would say that there is no poor time to visit Lecce. But in all seriousness, for some people the heat is an important factor.

Spring is a great time to visit Italy, no matter where in the country, and here I would say that you should expect a temperature of around 25 degrees when visiting Lecce at this time of year. I visited Lecce in the month of June and it was 43 degrees, but it was also in the middle of a heat wave.

Once summer is over, the temperatures will still remain high for quite a while, with temperatures on average still above 25 degrees. So even if you consider waiting until October, it can still be 30 degrees and therefore a lot warmer than the well-known coastal towns of Puglia.

Lecce restaurant

Restaurant in Lecce