Aosta Valley

Surrounded by Swizerland and France lies Aosta Valley, beautifully in snow-covered mountains in the winter and green valleys in the summer

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San Gimignano is medieval. Its amazing location on the top of a hill in the middle of Tuscany, makes it a beautiful experience when you drive towards the town.

The small town square makes it a pleasant experience when you stroll around down town, and when you look to they sky, you see towers in every direction.

Aosta Valley

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Holiday in Aosta Valley

Going to Aosta Valley

Aosta Valley is located in the northwestern corner of Italy, and Aosta, the capital of the region, is situated more than 500 meters above sea level, which makes it the 6th highest provincial capital in Italy based on altitude. From Malpensa Airport in Milano, the drive to Aosta Valley takes less than two hours, and just 1½ hours from the center of Torino. The drive is just 45 minutes from Aosta and up towards the French/Italian Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco.

Holiday in Aosta Valley

While it is the fantastic nature that really impresses in Aosta Valley, the city also has a beautiful history, dating back to Roman times.

Aosta is home to many exciting Roman ruins, and the town itself is surrounded by a Roman city wall. Anfiteatro Romano di Aosta is the city’s Roman amphitheater and is located beautifully in the north western part of the city.

Aosta Valley does not have large, noisy and chaotic cities, and the stress of big city life is far removed from here. The capital of the region, which is fittingly named Aosta, is home to a modest 35,000 inhabitants. The city has plenty to offer though, as it was an important location during Roman times, and has many Roman ruins to explore, enclosed by the near-intact city wall.

Aosta Valley is filled with some of the tallest mountains in all of Italy. As mentioned earlier, this is where Monte Bianco dominates the western part of Aosta Valley, at 4,810 meters above sevel, and has an attractive year-round vacation spot called Courmayeur.

Monte Cervino – Matterhorn, has a characteristic triangle shaped peak that you can spot from far away, and the mountain towers an impressive 4,478 meters above the sea level.

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Hotels in Aosta Valley

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Pila is a mountainous area in Valle d’Aosta, located at 1,790 meters above sea level, making the area an excellent and popular destination for skiing. Approximately 45 kilometers north west of Pila, we find Monte Bianco, which beautifully towers above the Alps with its altitude of over 4,800 meters.

Pila is located 17 kilometers from the capital of the region, Aosta. If you arrive to the north italian countryside by airplane, Pila is located an hours drive from Caselle Airport in Torino, and one and a half hours drive from Malpensa Airport in Milan.

If you visit during the summer, the area is perfectly suited for a bike ride in the beautiful nature.


Skiing holiday

Pila is all about skiing and offers all kinds of possibilities for what is possible in this area. Here you will find new and modern facilities which help make your skiing trip the most spectacular, without comparison anywhere else in Europe. There are more than 70 kilometers of slopes, from green to black ones, depending on the level your skiing skills are at.