Veneto is the rich region where you can see Romeo and Julies place in Verona and the famous garda lake and most of all, Venice

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Veneto in 20 seconds

Veneto is a region that offers magnificent contrasts everywhere you look. From the mesmerizing natural beauty in the Dolomites, to the snaking Euganei mountains, and onwards towards the man-made wonders in the fantastic towns and cities. 

Veneto offers plenty of attractions that are worth a second and even third visit! Who among us haven’t heard of Venice, Verona, Padova, not to mention the hugely popular bathing destinations of Lake Garda, or the island of Lido that lies south of Venice? 



Holiday in Veneto

Holiday in Veneto

The flat plains of Veneto are supplemented by a dramatic backdrop in the form of the beautiful Dolomite mountains that make up the northwestern border of the region.

The southern part of Veneto borders the Adriatic Sea, with plenty of beaches and port cities that stand in contrast to the gently rolling landscape, the large Lake Garda and the many attractive resorts and old towns.

Plenty of people know the region because of Lake Garda, which each year attracts thousands of tourists, but Veneto has much more in store for travelers.

If you wish your visit to be more than just swimming and bathing then there are plenty of other things to experience. Venice, for example, is situated in the region of Veneto and who among us have not heard the story about Romeo and Juliet? 

Riva del Garda Garda Lake in Veneto


If you are looking for a true summer holiday, Bibione has got you covered. The almost 12 kilometer long beach promenade and the blue waves of the Adriatic Sea are the foundation for the huge crowds that the city attracts each year.


Beach in Bibione Veneto


Caorle is a small picturesque town near the Adriatic Sea that combines a great beach holiday with a stay in a typical Italian village. With its more than 18 kilometers of coastline, its beautiful promenade and the unspoiled nature of the area, it is the perfect setting for the classic Italian holiday that we all enjoy and know so well.

The town’s beach has flown the blue flag since 1992, and don’t worry, it will continue to do so for many more years to come.


Caorle in Veneto
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Hotels in Veneto

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Cortina d’Ampezzo

Exclusive skiing

Holidays in Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo is the meaning of skiing. It is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Italy, as the expensive hotels, and even more expensive shops bear witness to. This is where young people go on ski holidays, the young people from the big cities of Italy, and of course they bring enough money to last them a long time. But it truly is a magical place all the same.

Attractions in Cortina d’Ampezzo

The town hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics, and these magnificent surroundings still feel as majestic as then. The town offers you plenty of options to enjoy the winter landscape, especially if you have a pair of skis strapped on your feet. In addition to alpine and cross-country skiing, there is also a ski jump hill, a bobsled run, and an Olympic ice stadium.

The city is the very essence of luxury, and for good reason! 

Cortina d’Ampezzo is located in a divine area of the Dolomites that encircles the town completely. The town is situated at an altitude of more than 1,200 meters, and when you are standing on the highest peaks of the surrounding mountains it is positioned in such a way that you simply won’t have seen beauty like this before, 

The Parco Nazionale Regionale delle Dolomiti d’Ampezzo is just a short distance away, to the north of Cortina d’Ampezzo. Here you’ll discover flora and fauna that are in a league of their own.

To stay on the topic of mountains and beautiful nature, there are also other possibilities than skiing. During the summer you can venture on beautiful and amazing hikes in the area. There are excellent trails and guided tours that bring you from one breathtaking and natural beauty to another.

Cortina d'Ampezzo in Veneto
Cortina d'Ampezzo in Veneto
Prosecco in Veneto

Strada del Prosecco

We have named this path the Prosecco route, which lies 5 minutes north of Venice by car, and can be reached from Verona in less than two hours. The main attraction of this tour is the Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG.

We enter one big natural spectacle decorated almost entirely by vineyards, monasteries, churches and castles. Our tour begins in Conegliano where we also find the very first school to teach Oenology. For more than a century some of the best wine growers in Italy have been taught the art here. If this is a career you would like to pursue you can even apply for admission to Cerletti Enological.

Art and wine

For those who love the arts, a visit to Rocca di Castelvecchio is worth planning for. This fortress is filled with paintings, frescoes, furniture and archeological finds from the stone age and up to the Roman middle ages.

We leave Conegliano to arrive at Rua di San Pietro di Feletto, where we can enjoy the view of the charming Roman monastery church from the 12th century. Not far from there an excellent panorama unfolds itself, revealing a gorgeous view of the hills, and where you can also spot Molinetto della Croda among the peaceful nature scenery.

In Solighetto we find the beautiful villa named Brandolini d’Adda, home of Consorzio del Prosecco, as well as a museum dedicated to the opera singer Toti dal Monte. From the small church of Santa Maria Nova, we are rewarded with a small stroll towards Tempietto di San Gallo, where once again we are treated to a beautiful vista of the mesmerizing vineyards. 

Our final destination is Valdobbiadene, where once again Prosecco fascinates visitors with the beautiful villa Villa dei Cedri. The prestigious park is open to the public, and there is also an opportunity to taste the various products, as well as purchase some to bring back home. You will also find lesser known Prosecco products, such as Colli di Conegliano, Refrontolo passito, Torchiato and Verdiso.

The most treasured wine of the area is known as the Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze, and is somewhat sweeter than the traditional bottles, and is only grown in a smaller area covering 106 hectares.

Santuario Madonna della Corona

Beautiful church at Monte Baldo

Italians are great at many things. From food, clothing and football, to their pleasant lifestyle. But believe me, they are also amazing at building gorgeous architecture, which is fine on its own, but when compared with the fantastic places they choose as locations, then the sights become truly incredible!

For instance, we can mention the church Santuario Madonna della Corona, which first opened its doors back in 1530. They began renovating in 1625, a project that lasted up until 1680. 

Extra information: The church is located in Monte Baldo, which lies in the provinces of Trentino and Verona. Baldo is an enormous mountain range that reaches a height of more than 2,200 meters above sea level. 

Santuario della Madonna in Veneto

The walk from Spiazzi

We chose to take the trip from Santaurio to the town of Spiazzi. And let me make it perfectly clear right away: it is an incredibly pleasant small town, with a fantastic lively town square that offers up small and cozy restaurants. I must admit that I was not aware of this town being so appealing as it was, so I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Spiazzi.

Here we enjoyed a lovely lunch before beginning our walk that lasted around 45 minutes. Remember to bring some fresh cold water. We visited the church in the beginning of August, and the temperatures here were around 28-29 degrees celsius. 

There were plenty of people in Spiazzi, but the advantage of a trip like this is that you are not completely packed together, as the roads down towards the church are wide and there are plenty of opportunities to take a break along the way. That means you can walk the distance at your own pace. You could also take a bus to the church, but we chose not to do so as we felt our legs were strong and the weather was great. And we did not wish to miss out on any sights along the way, especially those that overlook the horizon.

If you are visiting the church remember to cover your legs and shoulders. I did not enter inside the church, but it was open for guests. The church provides a really pretty view across the landscape, and the peace you find here is only made better by the sound from the birds, making this place fantastic in every way. And so is the church itself. It is deeply fascinating to think about how they managed to build the church in a place like this, back when there weren’t any machines to help the people. I was left with a feeling of utmost respect for this feat of engineering. And indeed, respect and fascination are two words that stand out when you visit Santuario della Madonna Corona.

Lido di Jesolo

The beach at Lido

The 15 kilometer long and sandy beach helps bring a lovely and entertaining life to the area during the summer months. The beach flies the blue flag as proof of the quality and safety. And the people working at the beach have the highest education possible.


Lido di Jesolo in Veneto


Vicenza has been enriched with several architectural masterpieces over the centuries that today stand as magnificent and impressive as when they first were built.

The great mastermind for these buildings is undoubtedly the great architect, Andrea Palladio (born in Padua), who forever made the city famous, and forever will be associated with the city.

Vicenza in Veneto

Andrea Palladio and UNESCO

Vicenza is synonymous with Andrea Palladio. But we’ll come back to him later. Vicenza also has other masterpieces to offer in fact, and in particular around the city and in the province.

The entire city center is decorated with something from Palladio, starting from Corso Palladio, which crosses the heart of the city, and continuing up to the beautiful and charming Piazza dei Signori.

Here you’ll find the Basilica Palladiana on one side, and on the other the Loggia del Capitaniato, which is the seat of the City Council.

The many visitors, which includes you, should not miss the Teatro Olimpico. This is a true jewel that was built in wood, where the ballet and music are still to be found and enjoyed to this day.

Palladio bro Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio might well be one of the most characteristic bridges in all of Italy. The bridge is built solely from wood, and the man behind the design as it stands today is Andrea Palladio. The bridge was finished back in 1569. 

Ponte Vecchio, which truly is a marvel, was built with this flexible material to withstand the raw power of the river Brenta, which at times could be quite rough.

The great guide to your holiday on Lake Garda

We would like to recommend a holiday to Lake Garda on this site, despite concerns about it being a tourist hell, due to it undoubtedly being one of the most popular resorts in all of Italy.

In this article you will get an exciting and different overview of the countless hidden gems that are to be found around Lake Garda. Those that are not so well known by tourists, but loved by the locals.


Limone sul Garda


It feels like a study in walking through this city, moving around the narrow streets, strolling around a city built on 118 small islands, supported only by pillars in the water. This place does not have its equal anywhere!

The heart of this fascinating city is filled with canals that run under many characteristic bridges, where one gondola after another sails with tourists and couples in love. 

Here you will see great monuments, palaces, large squares, narrow streets where history and art meet the beautiful Adriatic Sea. All of which has helped make the city a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.



You will find the old Roman Arena of Verona at Piazza Bra. This is where the famous opera nights take place during summer and they are well worth a visit.

Of course you should also visit Juliet’s house (Casa di Giulietta), where the balcony that Romeo climbed up is a true tourist attraction.

Also enjoy the atmosphere at Piazza Erbe, where you can buy all the local specialities you can think of when it comes to Veronese gastronomy.


piazza bra verona