Spello is the flowertown in Italy

Spello in Umbria is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

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Spello in 20 seconds

Spello is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The small medieval town is a unique size that charms you with the many flowers in the streets.

Spello is located in Umbria

Umbria region

Holiday in Spello

How to reach Spello

Umbria is in every way a fantastic region, which is not far from the Italian capital, Rome, from where you can get to the region relatively quickly.

By plane

The airports in Rome and Florence are the ones that are closest to Umbria.

There is an international airport in Perugia, but you can only reach it directly from London, Barcellona, Rotterdam, Bruxelles, Vienna, Bucarest and Tirana.

By train from Rome.

If you depart from the central train station in Rome, Roma Termini, it only takes a couple of hours to reach Spello.

The train stops at most large and attractive cities in Umbria. For your information, Spello is the stop just before Assisi when coming from Rome.

By train from Florence

From Florence the trip goes in the the opposite directon since you are coming from the north heading south. The train journy from Florence to Spello takes approximately 3 hours and like from Rome there are direct trains to Spello.

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The flower town of Italy

This is the nickname of Spello. You will notice the many flowers already at the entrance to the village. There are flowerpots standing and hanging almost at every house, in the alleys and in the small, narrow medieval streets.

Every detail has been thought when it comes to flowers. They stand straight, are well-groomed, and completely fresh.

Here in town, they know something about flowers. You can see some of the most spectacular flower exhibitions in Spello and here the imagination has no limits.


Spello in Umbria

Flower Festival in Spello

The festival is an annual event that takes place on the 9th Sunday after Easter which typically falls between beginning June and June 20th the latest. So, keep your calendar in that period.

The event runs over a few days, but the major preparatory work starts early for the festival organizers.

The harvest of the flowers

This is the most demanding and important part of the festival. The harvest takes place at Monte Subasio, the Apennines of Umbria and the Marche, and when this is done, the preparations begin. Most of the town’s inhabitants take part in the preparations and you will especially see the older ladies preparing the flowers for the exhibition in their living rooms.

They prepare the flowers in the old-fashioned way, and I doubt there is a modern way to do it. But it is nonetheless impressive and fascinating to watch them work.

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

With my personal goal of visiting the most beautiful villages in Italy, and with a planned weeks’ vacation in Umbria, it was natural to visit Spello.

I stayed in Assisi, which is not far from the village, and went there by train on a scorching hot summer day in July.

You will discover the beauty of the village as you arrive and before you enter the gate as you can see in the picture on this page. The gate will lead you to small medieval streets and -corners, filled with flowers and small cozy cafes.

The streets with the beautiful stone houses, which are typical street scenes in Umbria, give you, together with the location, a beautiful impression of the village.

Spello restaurant

Lunch in Spello

The region is known for many things, and on the gastronomic side, for its cold cuts from Norcia.

Of course, I had to try that, partly because it had been a long time since I had my breakfast and partly because it was so hot that a cold lunch was perfect.

I had my lunch at Enoteca Properzio. Here you can also buy local wine to take home.

The food was as delicious as it looked.