The streets of Assisi are as if taken from a painting, with small fountains and majestic vistas. The city certainly bears the legacy of Saint Francis with an enormous amount of class.

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Assisi in 20 seconds

The city is medieval, with treasures and gold of such a great value that you will never finish exploring here. If you have not experienced enough magic for one day, you will get even more once the evening mood settles in town, and especially on Piazza del Comune.

Assisi is located in Umbria

Umbria region

Holiday in Assisi

The journey to Assisi

Assisi is located in the central part of Umbria, close to the capital of the region, Perugia.

You will journey roughly 200 kilometers from Ciampino Airport in Rome, which amounts to a travel time of around 2 hours and 15 minutes. The distance is a bit greater from Fiumcino airport, where you will need to traverse 220 kilometers, which should take about 2½ hours by car.

The road to Assisi

When you are headed from the south and on the E35 highway north of Rome, you will need to take the exit towards Orte, and first follow the signs towards Terni, and later towards Perugia/Cesena. After this you will begin to see signs towards Assisi itself.

It is this road I will advise you to take, because this results in a fantastic trip through the gorgeous nature of Umbria and the beautiful small villages.

From Bologna you need to head east on the E45 highway, and then take the exit labeled Cesena North. After this you will need to keep in the left lane and drive towards Cesena Centro/Roma, still driving on the E45 highway. Once here you will be left with a drive of around 155 kilometers to reach Assisi.

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The history of Assisi

The city has a thousand year old history, filled with important accounts from the roman, medieval and renaissance time periods. The Italian painter and architect, Giotto, has marked his works in this part of central Italy. 


The birthplace of Pope Francis lies in central Umbria, on the slopes of Monte Subasio, which dominates the plain of the two rivers, Topino and Chiascio. Both rivers are tributaries of the Tiber, which also runs all the way down to the capital.

As the birthplace of San Francesco and Santa Chiara, the city has gained worldwide attention and is the center of the Franciscan message of peace and brotherhood.


Assisi offers a historical center, the Basilica of San Francesco, as well as other Franciscan sites, which along with most of the municipality, has been the reason why the town has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2000.

It is a city that allows all visitors to experience the unique spirituality of these places, making its history and beliefs unique in this world.

Assisi in Umbria

Sights in Assisi

Saint Francis is buried in the Basilica di San Francesco, and there’s enough to see in the church to last you a whole day. The beautiful frescoes, both the lower and upper ones, make the church one of the most famous in all of Italy. Pilgrims and millions of tourists visit the city in droves because of the church, and especially Saint Francis.

Piazza del Comune, the city’s main square, is dominated by the columns on the façade of the Roman temple, Tempio di Minerva. Opposite lies Palazzo Comunale, home to the great art collection Pinacoteca Comunale.

And don’t miss the Basilica di Santa Chiara down Corso Mazzini either, the Duomo of San Rufino, San Pietro in Piazza San Pietro, and much, much more among the many world-class churches and museums.