Elba is an island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea only 10 km from the Tuscan coast. Elba is the third largest Italian island after Sicily and Sardinia and is thus the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago.

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Elba has recently been incorporated under the auspices of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park together with the islands of Pianosa, Capraia, Montecristo, Gorgona, Giglio and Giannutri.

Elba is located in Tuscany

Tuscany region

Holiday in Elba

Elba’s coastline

Elba has a coastline of 147 kilometers, and while speaking about measures, the island’s highest point is Monte Capanne which is 1019 meters above sea level, and you can reach it by road or by cable car. The latter gives you a fantastic view over the island and the horizon.

The trip by sea between the Tuscan mainland and Elba takes approximately 50 minuttes from Piombino and a one-way ticket costs 15,00 EUR. The ferry from Piombino makes stops in Potroferraio, Cavo and Rio Marina. Find times and prices on Moby Lines homepage here

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Holiday on Elba

But why choose Elba as your holiday destination? Well, there are many reasons are beautifully described below so continue the reading.

The weather is pleasant on the island. The average annual temperature is 16 degrees. The summer is hot with a constant temperature between 25 and 30 degrees and often more.

Spring arrives early, autumn is a pleasure, and the temperature drop below 15 degrees until mid/end November.

The lush and unspoiled nature, the beaches that constantly change colours surrounded by the clearest blue sea.
The history, the art and the culinary tradition are just some of the things we can mention to convince you that Elba is worth a visit.


Sunset on Elba

Enjoy the sunset from the beaches at Chiessi and Pomonte or from the terrace on Piazza Matteotti at Capoliveri.

Go in search of orchids between the rocks while enjoying the most beautiful view over the sea or immerse yourself in the sea because snorkeling is a favorite activity and hobby on this island and its inhabitants are always willing and ready to help you and guide you through the blue waters.

If you find it more interesting to to go up then it takes approximately 20 minutes, depending on the weather, to reach the top og Monte Capanne.

The many small bays that you find on this island are ideal for enjoying your lunch or dinner. You will be surprised by the many different traditional dishes that they serve here on Elba. Enjoy the food with the local wine, Aleatico DOCG, which is as unique as the island.

Boat trip around Elba

Take a boat trip around Elba in the Tuscan archipelago. Get on the boat “Nautilus” and experience a magnificent trip on the sea.

Enjoy life and the view from the deck or look down, where you thanks to the boat’s huge glass bottom, can see the beautiful flora and fauna on the seabed. It’s quite an experience!

The boat trip starts from Marciana Marina and Portoferraio. Here you will find all kinds of exactly the relaxation that you need on holiday, and this is the perfect place to chill for a day. The boat has a deck with a panoramic view and a covered deck that gives you the opportunity to stay inside on the boat if you wish.

You will find more information about departures and prices here.