Taormina lies 200 meters above sea level, and speaking of the location of the town, every corner, piazza and charming little street

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Taormina in 20 seconds

The popular sandy beaches cling to the city of Taormina, wider and more beautiful than the others.

And while the city has a reputation for luxury and exclusivity, make no mistake, you will be able to find fine dining and hotels in all price ranges.

Taormina is located in Sicily


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Sights in Taormina

It is quite hot down here, and not much chillier inside the picturesque center of town. Here you will find Palazzo Corvaja and Palazzo Duchi di Santo Stefano, both palaces are delightful places to explore.

Taormina lies 200 meters above sea level, and speaking of the location of the town, every corner, piazza and charming little street will have you enjoying a picturesque view of the sea and, not least, the volcano Etna, which guards the town like a hawk.

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greek theater in Taormina

Antique theater in Taormina

However, you will not get a better view from the city than the one offered by the ancient theater of the city, Teatro antico di Taormina. The theater is carved into the cliffs, offering a unique view of the Ionian Sea and the aforementioned giant volcano Etna.

Sit back and enjoy the day, as you can not help but to gasp at views that only few would have dared to dream existed.

These days the theater is the focal point for various events taking place in the city. Such as plays, concerts, and of course, the annual film festival of Taormina.

Quench your thirst after a hot day in the sweltering heat and many amazing experiences, by enjoying a nice glass of rosé wine that was made at the feet of Etna. This is Sicily!

Savoca near Taormina

Savoca is a small town just shy of 2,000 inhabitants, and one of the many suburbs of Taormina in the northeastern part of Sicily.

Suburbia might not be the most accurate word, for it actually lies quite a distance from the center of Taormina. In fact there is a distance of 20 kilometers of glorious and beautiful coastline between the two towns. 


Savoca is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and is of course also on the list “Borghi più belli d’Italia ”. The town has held this prestigious spot on the list since 2008.

This little town on the rocks has had a rich history with many events over the years. Both some very hard times, but also great, such as the leadership by both kings and popes in this little Sicilian hamlet. And when we say small hamlet, we of course mean this in the most affectionate way possible.

The houses here are erected close to the slopes, and interspersed in the small streets with the Sicilian tiles that charm any visitor.

And of course the town is just steeped in authentic southern Italian charm, with Sicily’s own touch added. So wonderful!

The Chiesa di San Michele perhaps does not look like much at first glance, but it has been a national monument since 1910, so the church does something that no other church does. And when you stand below the Chiesa di San Nicolo, you can not help but notice how beautifully it stands, almost on a precipice it seems, though there is no question about the safety as it looks solid enough.

Last but not least you can experience the ancient ruins of the castle, Pentefur. Nobody can say for sure who actually built it to begin with. Perhaps it was the Phoenicians, or the Arabs, or perhaps it was the Normans?


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