Palermo – The capital on Sicily

The capital of Sicily offers a wide range of styles, from the Normannic to the Arabic styles, as well as evidence of the time from the Greeks and Spaniards.

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The capital of Sicily offers a wide range of styles, from the Normannic to the Arabic styles, as well as evidence of the time from the Greeks and Spaniards. This Palermo is a great testimony of a grand history with many different cultures.

The city offers a wide range of activities, from the authentic local markets to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, all ensuring that your holiday in Palermo will be an excellent experience.

Palermo is located in Sicily


Holiday in Palermo

How to reach Palermo

The airport Punta Raisi is located 32 kilometers west of Palermo. From Trapani International Airport, Palermo is 110 kilometers away. There are also various ferry routes to the main ports on the mainland if you prefer enjoying a trip on the sea as well.

If you are headed to Palermo from Villa San Giovanni on the coast of Calabria, you will need to drive for 3 hours on the A20 highway which takes you all the way to Palermo.

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Hotel on Sicily Palermo has an amazing variety of stunning hotels in Palermo

Hotels in Palermo

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Things to explore in Palermo

Life moves fast in Palermo, so it might be appropriate to catch a break in the park off Via Giulia, where you can witness and experience the everyday life of Sicily passing you by.

At Via dei Benedettini you can see the beautiful monastic ruins with the red domes of San Giovanni degli Eremiti. Also visit the beautiful Royal Palace, Palazzo dei Normanni, and then continue along Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the charming old main street of the city.

Once here, you can continue down to the Quattro Canti, the center of the old town, where you will find a busy intersection crossed by Via Maqueda, the other main street of Palermo. Here lies beautiful monuments, adorned with beautiful fountains and statues. And you can discover the lavishly beautiful Duomo of Monreale, which provides you with a stunning view of the Conca d’Oro.

Palermo on Sicily
Palermo San Cataldo

San Cataldo in Palermo

The Church of San Cataldo in Palermo is located in Piazza Bellini, which is in the heart of the Sicilian capital, and thanks to its three red domes on the roof is a sight you will not regret seeing.

The church has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2015.

San Cataldo is a beautiful Romanesque church in the center of Palermo. The church is a stunning example from the Arabic-Norman architecture that flourished in Sicily in the 11th and 12th centuries. The church was completed in 1154.

The three distinctive red domes, together with the other architectural elements, provides the church with a look and feel of Arabia, something that actually blends well in with the surrounding area.

Inside the church is not furnished as we would expect it from the countless other Italian churches. In here the walls are completely bare and kept rustic, which means that the only decorative thing you see is the floor. And what a floor. It is made of marble with the inclusion of beautiful mosaics.

The light from the windows, from the facade and from the top ensures a truly amazing and unique atmosphere and ambience at San Cataldo. For these reasons the church is a must-see when visiting Palermo.

Mondello beach

Mondello is a true holiday village near Palermo, and surrounded by both Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. As a side note, do yourself a favor and take a picture from Pellegrino, beyond the beach and the sea. A fantastic and completely unforgettable view!

Mondello beach is part of Palermo, and these days attracts millions of visitors and tourists who wish to enjoy the fantastic climate and the lovely beach. The local city dwellers also enjoy the beach, where they breathe in plenty of fresh air, and escape the busy life in the city. Imagine walking into the huge city center of Palermo, and then just 15 minutes later, you are lying next to the wonderful blue waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

Another option is to walk from Palermo and out to Mondello. This walk will bring you past wonderful places, such as the most beautiful parks and gardens. Here you will see the large and magnificent villas that have stood here since the 17th century. And you will pass Villa Niscemi, the most famous of them all.

Mondello beach on Sicily