With its Catalan roots, Alghero has been nicknamed "Little Barcelona". The city, with its chalk-white sandy beaches, is a popular holiday destination in Sardinia.

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You wil find Alghero, aa popular tourist destination in the northern end of the second biggest island in the Mediterrian sea.

With its Catalan roots, Alghero has been nicknamed “Little Barcelona”. The city, with its chalk-white sandy beaches, is a popular holiday destination in Sardinia.


Alghero is located in Sardinia

Her ligger Sardinia

Holiday at Alghero

How to reach Alghero

Alghero airport is only a 10-minute drive from the city and several major airlines are flying to and from Alghero, which makes it easy for most people to get there.

However, it is during the summer period, April to October, that most airlines fly to Alghero. So, if you are going to Alghero off-season, you will probably have to change plane during the trip.

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The shuttlebus runs from the airport to the city center several times during the day. The first bus departs from the airport at 6.00 AM and the last one at 11.00 PM.

You must buy the bus ticket at the airport before you get on the bus, and it stops at several different places in the city before it reaches the bus station.

You can buy tickets for the bus from the city to the airport in several different places, such as tobacconists and other types of kiosks.

The bus company is called ARST.

By ferry

Many people take the ferry to Sardinia, so they can take their car to the island.

You cannot sail to Alghero, but instead you can sail to Porto Torres, which is a 40-minute drive from Alghero.

Visit Alghero by train

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All you have to do is buy the ticket, get on the train and present the ticket with the QR code to the train conductor.

By train to Alghero

If you come from the southern part of Sardinia, it may well be a bit of a circuitous trip to get to Alghero.

There is a train station in the Alghero, but the location of the city requires a train change in Sassari regardless of whether you come from the north or the south.

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Hotels at Alghero

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The best beaches at Alghero

It is of course a subjective opinion, but many believe that the best beaches in Italy are in Sardinia, which to some extent may also be true.

At Alghero you will find 90 kilometers of coastline between Sardinia’s nature and the emerald-green sea, the Mediterranean Sea.

Coral Riviera

The 90-kilometer coastline is called the Coral Riviera, which is home to the largest colony of corals of the absolute largest and finest quality.

Le Bombarde beach

This beach is considered by most to be the best beach in Alghero. The transparent water at the beach is very inviting to jump into, and it can be addictive.

It is in every way a popular beach, where you will find all kinds of people, from peaceful families with children to vivid windsurfers.

The beach suits everyone’s taste and there is something for every need. You will find it 10 kilometers from the center of Alghero.

Lazzaretto beach

A beach worth highlighting is Lazzaretto, located a few kilometers from the center of Alghero, at the far end of this magnificent bay.

You will find the light here with the bright and white beach, which is precisely what characterizes the beaches in Sardinia.

You will find it 11 kilometers from the center of Alghero.

Mugoni beach

A little further from Alghero, more precisely 15-16 kilometers, you will find Mugoni beach. A calm beach that always offers crystal clear water, which is also completely calm, just like the surroundings.

The bay where you find Mugoni is called Ponte Conte. It’s a stunning bay and the perfect oasis for a holiday with the best bathing water conditions.

Cala Luna

The Lido in Alghero

You can walk to the beach from Alghero. The lido is located a few hundred meters from the city’s historic center.

You can walk through the charming streets and alleys with the old buildings and a few minutes later you can sunbathe on the beautiful dunes and sandy beaches.


The historic center of Alghero

The city’s old historic center is as fascinating as it is beaches. The city’s history starts in the early stone age and is a labyrinth of streets of very old date.

You walk around the narrow alleys and can suddenly find yourself in a piazza full of life. Alghero’s colors are yellow and red and the words that best describe the historic center are old and charming.

Cathedral Santa Maria Immacolata

Cathedral of Santa Maria Arguably the most significant building in the city. It was built in the 15th century and was completed with a new facade in 1862.

The most important and significant non only in Alghero but in the whole Sardinia.

Museo del Corallo

The area is known for its coral reefs, and they are so well known that they are also on display in museums. You will find Museo del Corallo on via XX Settembre.

Alghero in Sardinia