When visiting Turin you will get to experience all of the things you would normally associate with a holiday in Italy.

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Turin in 20 seconds

Here you can experience and enjoy the Piazza Castello and Via Roma, the bustling shopping street, Mole Antonelliana and Superga where Torino’s powerful football team crashed in 1949, to name just a small selection of what awaits you in the first capital of Italy.

Turin is located in Piedmont


Holiday in Turin

How to reach Turin

Turin Airport

Turin airport has been expanded considerably in recent years, and where once it was easiest and cheapest to fly to Milan, there are now more options to fly directly to Turin for a fair price.

The Torino-Caselle airport is located 16 kilometers north of the center of Torino city, and can be reached by car in about 25 minutes on the motorway.

The highway connects the Tangenziale Nord, and from here there are connections to Turin-Milano, Turin-Aosta and Turin-Bardonecchia.


Flight travel Italy

By train from the airport

We are not responsible for any prices or travel times below, so be sure to double check before you leave.

In order to get from the airport to Turin by train, you should change at Venaria station. From here you can find a train to Porta Susa station in Turin city center.

If you are going from the city center to Turin airport, you should take the Turin-Ceres route and exit at Caselle Airport. The train stops right at the departure terminal at the airport.

By bus from the airport

Shuttle buses run from the airport and into the city center, stopping at Porta Nuova and Porta Susa stations, as well as Corso Umbria and Via Borgaro.

The buses usually depart every thirty minutes, sometimes even every 15 minutes. The journey time will take around 50 minutes and be priced at 7 euros. Remember to buy your ticket before you get on the bus.

By taxi from the airport

If you are taking a taxi into the center of Turin, the journey time is about 50 minutes and costs at least 30 euros, depending on where in Turin you are going.

Sights in Turin

When visiting Turin you will get to experience all of the things you would normally associate with a holiday in Italy. 

Here you can experience and enjoy the Piazza Castello and Via Roma, the bustling shopping street, Mole Antonelliana and Superga where Torino’s powerful football team crashed in 1949, to name just a small selection of what awaits you in the first capital of Italy.

You can also experience many different UNESCO World Heritage sites here, not just inside the city but throughout all of Piedmont. And you can also enjoy a game of football, either watching Torino or Juventus play the popular game.

Last but not least, here is where you will find great old traditions of good coffee and delicious chocolate. All of this right here in Turin.

Piazza Castello and Piazza San Carlo

Turin is not a big and clumsy industrial city. It is a really lovely city that features a lavish center that will win you over as soon as you reach Piazza Castello in the central part of the city, where the yellow trams are to be found everywhere.

The first capital city of Italy has so much history that you can appropriately start exploring at Piazza San Carlo.

According to most people, San Carlo is the most beautiful piazza in the city, and it is indeed truly magnificent with its beautiful historic buildings, and porticoes decorated with stucco and reliefs of faces that carry a significant history with regards to the city development.

In the center of the square you will see the impressive equestrian statue of Emanuele Filiberto, riding a gallant horse.

Turin Piazza castello

Visit Turin by train

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All you have to do is buy the ticket, get on the train and present the ticket with the QR code to the train conductor.

Hotel in Italy

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Via Roma in Turin

The street of Via Roma connects the square with Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Felice.

Via Roma is one of the most important streets in Turin. Here you can shop at expensive and elegant boutiques, as well as enjoy a perfect cappuccino in the equally elegant cafés under the porticoes that keep out the cold during winter.

Piazza Castello lies at the heart of the historic center. Here you can discover the imposing Palazzo Reale, which looks even more beautiful at night. The square is also home to the architectural gem Palazzo Madama Cristina, another UNESCO World Heritage Site. The palace is a combination of two thousand years of history in Turin. IMPRESSIVE!

The beautiful San Lorenzo is also to be found at the Castello, and also guarantees a great visit as it is a great example of the Baroque style of architecture.

Via Roma in Turin
Museo Egizio det egyptiske museum Torino

Museo Egizio in Turin

With more than 775,000 people visiting each year, the Egyptian Museum is one of the most visited museums in all of Italy. It is considered to be the most important in the world, after the museum in Cairo. Founded in 1824, it is among the oldest Egyptian collections in the world.

The cafe life in Turin

I love sitting at a cafe in Italy with a cappuccino that just tastes better in Italy, with all due respect to those who make coffee in other countries. 

The coffee just tastes best here where it all started, and coffee continues to be a big part of Italian life to this day. In Turin you will find that there are cafés on every street corner, which is nothing new in Italy, and where the next cafe is almost more elegant than the previous.

The photo on the right was taken at Caffè Mulassano on Piazza Castello.

Caffé Vergnano

Caffé Vergnano has a long history in the city, as it has been here since 1882. The history dates back for such a long time, for all of which the cafe has been known for its high standards. Especially when considering the quality of the coffee you order and the accompaniments that go along with it. But equally as high is the quality of service you get, whether a permanent resident or a tourist just passing by.

With regards to the service shown to the guests here, I must say that this cafe is not a unique example of good service. In every place, café or restaurant I have set foot in, I have found the staff to be friendly, smiling and incredibly welcoming.

You could say that that is their job too, and yes it is, but this level of service is not always what you experience elsewhere in the world.

Caffé Mulassano

This café is one of the oldest in Turin. More specifically, it opened back in the 1850’s at via Nizza 3, but was moved shortly after to its current location under the porticoes of Piazza Castello.

This charming and cozy café is decorated with gilded bronze, and as you sit and drink your coffee, you are doing so while sitting in real leather seats, leaving you free to think back to when the Savoy family also sat in the same place.

Real Italian history

Torino Café
Turin Piazza San Carlo

Piazza San Carlo in Turin

This is one of the most beautiful squares in the city. Probably because of the elegant appearance, in which it appears elegant and refined, which is due to its current shape and appearance that it has had since the 17th century.

There are often events and gatherings taking place here as well, as the square is right in the center of the city. Here it connects Via Roma, towards Porta Nuova in one direction, and Piazza Castello in the other.

Piazza San Carlo stands today as a symbol of the city, as it has served the most famous family in Turin, the Savoy family, and has thus stood magnificent as it is, for more than 300 years.

Piazza Carlo Alberto in Turin

It can be somewhat difficult to write about Turin, and not use the word elegant all the time. But once more I will have to use that word, as we are now talking about Piazza Carlo Alberto.

Because as soon as you enter the square you will probably think, “Why have I never been here, or at least read about it before?”

Piazza Carlo Alberto is named after the King of Sardinia, Carlo Alberto of Savoy. The impressive Baroque building was designed by Guarino Guarini. The whole area underwent a major renovation and redevelopment between 1842 and 1859, making way for the piazza you see today.

Torino Piazza carlo Alberto
Torino Piazza Carignano

Piazza Carignano in Turin

This space is for those who wish to experience a gem of timelessness, right in the middle of the city. Piazza Carignano is a world-class Baroque style square, where you can see and feel the Baroque time period up close.

Here you are in the very heart of Turin. This is where you are close to life in the big city, with Via Roma not far away, as well as the Egyptian Museum.

Piazza Castello in Turin

Once you have decided to visit Turin, there can be no doubt that you will pass by Piazza Castello on your trip. This is where the heart of the city really beats, and where your appreciation for Turin’s time as the capital of Italy, but also because the elegant appearance shines throughout the city.

This is where it starts and this is where you get to see the most beautiful buildings. Some would say these are among the most beautiful in the whole city, which of course is a matter of taste, but there really are some beautiful buildings to enjoy here at Piazza Castello.

Standing here, you are looking out over a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Piazza Castello, which includes Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama, as both palaces are on the exclusive list.

You will also see the Church of San Lorenzo, the statue of Emanuele Filiberto, Duke of Aosta, and the Casaforte degli Acaja, which stands behind Palazzo Madama.

Piazza Castello in Turin
Turin Piazza castello

Palazzo Madama in Turin

Just as Palazzo Reale is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, so is Palazzo Madama. Both this palace and Palazzo Reale were included on the list back in 1997. 

These days Palazzo Madama houses the Ancient Museum, and thus is the guardian of the city’s historical and cultural development throughout time. A history that so far has lasted close to two thousand years.

Despite its name as an antique museum, it houses paintings, statues, jewelry, art and porcelain dating from the late Middle Ages, all the way up to the end of the 18th century.

Mole Antonelliana in Turin

This is the symbol of Turin. The 167 meter tall tower features a slender spire that stands right in the city center. The tower was the highest point in Europe when it was completed in 1889. Today you will find the National Museum of Cinema here as well.

Torino Mole Antonelliana
Turin restaurants

Restaurants in Turin

I love Italian food, which has become a really big part of my trips to Italy over the last few years. A bigger part than it was in the early years of my travels to Italy.

But I am not a food critic, so the pictures below are just a little appetizer for you, to make you even more ready for your holiday in Turin, or wherever else in Italy you might be visiting.

Each picture includes the name of the restaurant and the address.