Orta San Giulio

You will find Orta San Giulio at Lake Orta in Piedmont. The is town one of the most beautiful in Italy du to its splendid lakeside location.

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Orta San Giulio in 20 seconds

You will find Orta San Giulio at Lake Orta in Piedmont. The is town one of the most beautiful in Italy du to its splendid lakeside location.

The city isone of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

Orta San Giulio is located in Piedmont


Holiday in Orta San Giulio

How to reach Orta San Giulio

By plane

The town is almost only a stone’s throw from Malpensa airport in Milan, from where you can get to Orta San Giulio in about 45 minutes if you go by car.

If you have landed in Turin and rented a car at the airport, you can get to Lago di Orta, the lake, and further to San Giulio in a good hour’s drive.

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How to get to Isola di San Giulio

I reccomend that you, while you are here, take a trip to the small, charming island, Isola di San Giulio.

From Isola di San Giulio, boats depart from Piazza Motta.

Be aware that the routes vary depending on whether it is summer or winter. The prices can also vary quite a bit, so instead of me writing when and from where the boats sail.

Visit Orta San Giulio by train

We have a partnership with Trenitalia that makes it simple and easy for you to buy your train ticket online.

All you have to do is buy the ticket, get on the train and present the ticket with the QR code to the train conductor.

If you are going by train from the central trainstation in Milan, you must change en route. You must take a train heading towards Lake Maggiore, get off at Domosssola and continue to Orta-Miasino, from where you have 700 meters to walk to Orta San Giulio.

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One of the most beautiful villages in Italy

It is indeed and for several reasons. First, its location, at the shore of Lake Orta, is superb.

When you take a walk through the town, you can feel a calmness that only these small towns by the lakes can boast of.

When I was there it was particularly calm probably because it was at the end November in the fall of 2021, when corona was still raging in Europe and most of the world.

It is not just because of its island, Isola di San Giulio, that the town is among the most beautiful in Italy, but also because of its many picturesque streets that are like a large labyrinth to walk through.

Feel the calm and, not least, enjoy the view from the central square, Piazza Motta, which, in addition to being an elegant one of a kind, is also very inviting.

In several places in the town, you get a beautiful view of the lake, and you can see the island from almost everywhere up here.

Orta San Giulio

Piazza Motta in Orta San Giulio

I love it! The central square in the town which I briefly mentioned earlier.

It is a beautiful square, just like all squares are in Italy. But this is one of the most beautiful, although it is quite small.

Imagine sitting on one of the benches by the lake enjoying the view, feeling the calm waters, and listening to the singing birds flying around along the shore.

Palazzo della Comunità della Riviera di San Giulio

The palace stands in the middle of the square and has done so since 1582. Today, markets are held in the “living room”, which I unfortunately did not experience myself when I was in town.

Piazza Motta i Orta San Giulio

Isola di San Giulio – The island

The island is 400 meters from the shore. On the small piece of land, you can see the old seminary, built in 1844 on the ruins of an old castle, which still dominates the island.

Here you will find the monastery, Abbazia Mater Ecclesiae. The monastery is dedicated to Maria Madre della Chiesa.

You can also find the basilica di San Giulio, which is the most important Romanesque monument in the Novara province.

Isola di San Giulio ved Orta San Giulio

Sacro Monte di Orta

This religious site is elevated above the village overlooking the lake. Sacro Monte di Orta has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2003.

Here you will find a wealth of art and architecture that is almost unmatched anywhere, and here you will feel the spirituality immediately.

The history dates to 1583 and the construction was completed between the 16th century and the 18th century.

In 1980, the Piedmont Region made the Sacro Monte di Orta a Special Nature reserve to protect its environment and art.