Piedmont can give you summer and winter, worlds best wine, small villages and Turin where you can see one of the biggest football clubs in the world, Juventus.

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Piedmont in 20 seconds

The large Po Valley and all its tributaries provide favorable conditions for agriculture. Food and drink are not lacking either in Piedmont, where the famous Asti probably needs no further introduction for what they have to offer.

Asti is often connected with the sweet spumante (sparkling) wine, but is in fact also the central point of interest in Italy’s finest wine region. Piedmont is an especially great and proud wine region, with the best bottles originating from the Langhe mountains to the southwest of Turin, where they make two of Italy’s finest red wines. The full bodied and long lived Barolo and the Barbaresco wines.



Holiday in Piedmont


I will assume you know the name Asti, as you’ve probably been drinking an ice cold glass of it on a hot summer’s evening on your own terrace, to a party, or perhaps even at a café in Italy.

Palio in Asti

This legendary horse race is the oldest of its kind in Italy. The event takes place the third Sunday in September, and the race has been happening for over a thousand years. 

There are 3 different races, each with 6 districts, 8 villages and 7 municipalities involved, all bringing their own colors and banners for this exact event that everybody highly anticipates.

The race was previously held throughout the entire city until 1861, after which it was moved to Piazza Campo del Palio in 1967, and finally moved to Piazza Alfieri in 1988.

Asti in Piedmont

Attractions in Asti

There are several religious buildings on offer in Asti that you can easily spend a whole day looking at, not to mention visiting and studying the beautiful paintings that are found there.

At Palazzo Alfieri we find the beautiful Baroque building, which from the late 1600’s were passed to the Alfieri family, and also the place where the poet Vittorio Alfieri lived.

The building was renovated in the 1900’s and repurposed as a museum, which comes to life in both the beautiful rooms as well as the stunning garden, where you can study the life of the great playwright.

In Palazzo Mazzetti, which is at the same location, you can explore the Pinacoteca di Asti, the city’s art gallery. It reopened to the public in 2011 after several renovation projects.

Speaking of Corso Alfieri, let’s have a look inside Palazzo Ottolenghi. It is certainly one of the most beautiful buildings in Asti, and to this day it still preserves its charm.



Barolo is a small and pleasant village that is best known for their world famous red wines, produced from the nebbiolo grape. The picturesque wine fields spread across a gigantic area, while the city itself covers just 5 square kilometers.

The city is small and the streets are narrow, which is why it is preferred to park your car outside the city, if you brought it along. You will find excellent parking opportunities there.

The landscape showcases endless rows of the prettiest vineyards, and of course the vineyards offer the possibility to pour you a good bottle of wine, or perhaps more accurately, a glass or two. The most famous places for wine tasting are Cru Cannubi and Marchesi di Barolo.


Barolo in Piedmont


When you are on holiday in Piedmont and wish to delve into beautiful architecture, this is a must-see city located in the Cuno province and surrounded by impressive vineyards.

Attaractions in Alba

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

You will find the San Lorenzo church in Alba, which is one of the most special and significant churches in the city, and is located by the Piazza Risorgimento.

It was built between 1486 and 1517 on the orders of the Bishop of Alba, Andrea Novelli. The church has undergone several renovations over the centuries, the most recent being in 2009.

This impressive building is built in the Gothic style, and constructed with the characteristic red bricks. You can experience several masterpieces inside the church, where among others you can discover the tombstone of bishop Andrea Novelli, which was made by the sculptor Antonio Carloni.

Alba in Piedmont

Santa Maria Maddalena

At Via Vittoria Emanuele you will find the beautiful and religious church Maddalena. It was commissioned by Carlo Giacinto from Rovere in the end of the 18th century.

The church is built in a baroque style local to Piedmont, and Bernardo Antonio Vittone was the architect behind the design. 

Notice the beautiful facade on Santa Maria Maddalena which is beautifully decorated with wood.

Le Torri in Alba

Alba has earned the loving nickname of “City of 100 towers”, due to the large amount of towers strewn about the city, which in earlier times were used to keep guard due to a large amount of looting. 

There are not that many towers left today. Either they have been torn down, sunk into the ground, or integrated into other buildings.

The three most important of the towers can all be seen from Piazza Duomo. There is the Bonino tower, Astesiano tower and the Sineo tower. All three towers date back to the 12th century. 

Chiesa di San Domenico

You will see the gothic church San Domenico on Via Teobaldo Calissano. The church dates back to the 13th century. It is said that Napoleon used it as a stable for keeping his horses.

Today the church is primarily used for various occasions and events, such as exhibitions, cultural meetings and gospel concerts, so remember to check the events when you visit Alba. 

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Langhe, Roero and Monferrato

These vineyards that are located in the southern part of Piedmont have been created by humans but have had help by nature itself in becoming absolutely stunning. The vineyards also compliment the beautiful castles and pleasant villages beautifully.

The cool and clear Asti or the mighty and crimson red Barolo needs no further introduction. This is their home region.


Langhe, Monferrato Roero in Piedmont
Lake Maggiore in Piedmont

Lake Maggiore

Although the northernmost tip of this magnificent lake actually lies within Switzerland, it obviously has to be included here as well, since most of it lies on Italian soil. 

As well as the lake being split between two countries, the lake also resides in two Italian regions. The eastern side belongs to Lombardy, while the west side belongs to Piedmont.

Lake Maggiore is picturesquely beautiful, and indeed the very greatest attractions, the Borromean Islands, are of absolutely immense beauty.


When visiting Turin you will get to experience all of the things you would normally associate with a holiday in Italy. 

Here you can experience and enjoy the Piazza Castello and Via Roma, the bustling shopping street, Mole Antonelliana and Superga where Torino’s powerful football team crashed in 1949, to name just a small selection of what awaits you in the first capital of Italy.

You can also experience many different UNESCO World Heritage sites here, not just inside the city but throughout all of Piedmont. And you can also enjoy a game of football, either watching Torino or Juventus play the popular game.


Langhe, Monferrato Roero in Piedmont
Isola di San Giulio ved Orta San Giulio

Orta San Giulio

You will find Orta San Giulio at Lake Orta in Piedmont. The is town one of the most beautiful in Italy du to its splendid lakeside location.

The city isone of the most beautiful villages in Italy.