Bergamo is divided into two cities, Bergamo Bassa and Bergamo Alta.

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In Bergamos old town, Bergamo Alto, is where ypu can get the view over the new town and the landscape.

When you are up here, you are beside the Venetian walls which is on UNESCOs World Heritage List.

Bergamo is located in Lombardy


Holiday in Bergamo

How to reach Bergamo by train

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Bergamo Bassa

Bergamo is divided into two cities, Bergamo Bassa and Bergamo Alta.

The new and modern lower part of the city, Bergamo Bassa, might not have as much charm as the old part of the city, but is absolutely worth a visit. Galleria dell’Accademia Carrara and Istituto Musicale Donizetti always offer up an experience or two. 

The wide street known as Via Papa Giovanni invites you to go shopping with many stores and cafes to choose from. The street later on transforms into Viale Vittorio Emanuele II, from where you can look up into the old part of town, which at its most beautiful angle showcases all of its charm to its audience.

Bergamo in Lombardy

Bergamo Alta

Bergamo Alta is situated further up than its newer brother, Bergamo Bassa. With a lovely view out across Bergamo and Lombardy, the small streets with local shoppers and the central Piazza Vecchia, really makes you understand the pride citizens have for this old part of town.

Everywhere you look the Italian charm is at its best, and in the spring and summer months Piazza Vecchia is often filled with live music, which actually is quite entertaining. The trip up to Alta is quite simple. Buses depart every 15 minutes, or you can take the small mountain tracks via the Funicolare, which lies at the end of Viale Vittorio Emanuele II.

Bergamo i Lombardy

Art and culture in Bergamo

Chiesa dei Santi Bartolomeo e Stefano

The cathedral lies in the heart of lower Bergamo. You will find the monumental facade of this grand church alongside the most popular promenade for the locals.

Here you can gaze at the beautiful altarpiece, painted by the Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto. 

The painting dates all the way back to year 1516.

Accademia Carrara

The artist, Giacomo Carrara, designed the gallery to showcase the old and great art contributions for the students of the old art school. An art school that now has opened its doors to the digital world.

Giacomo Carrara was born in 1714, and passed away in 1796. The collection is home to famous works from artists such as Sandro Botticelli, Raphael, Tizian, Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini and many many more. 

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The UNESCO world heritage in Bergamo

The Venetian walls that you can experience encompassing Bergamo Alta are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, as they have been since 2017.

Bergamo shares this glory with Peschiera and Palmanova in Italy, as well as Sibenik and Zara in Croatia and Kotor in Montenegro.

To get to this, the journey began in 2007, and finally on the 9th of July in 2017 the good news came. Bergamo has become a World Heritage Site.

Mura Veneziane

Without the Venetian walls that trail more than 6 kilometers, Bergamo would most certainly not be Bergamo anymore. The entire area is ideal for romantic trips and beautiful sunsets. The walls have been standing tall for more than 4 centuries.

They started to build the walls back in 1561, and the project was commissioned by the Venetian republic in order to keep their enemies at bay. But the beautiful buildings have led to the fact that they still stand to this day. That is the reason the wall has been preserved and kept so intact. 

More than 250 buildings were demolished in order to build the walls, where 8 of those had religious ties, among others the Sant’Alessandro cathedral, as well as the Dominican monastery. 

Imagine how many workers from Venezia and Bergamo had to take part in this enormous piece of grandeur.

Some info that you might not need: some of these buildings date all the way back to roman times. This was documented in the 8th century. Some of it you can experience by Via Vagine, close by the monastery Santa Grata.

Bergamo Restaurants

Restaurants in Bergamo Alta

I am not sure about you, but I am not very good at trying something new, even though it is quite well known that it is supposed to be good for you to try new things.

This also accounts for me during dinnertime, and the act of visiting restaurants in Italy, and in this instance restaurants in Bergamo, which I have visited many times by now. But why change something that is great, especially when the service is top notch.

Let us move now to the old Piazza Venezia, where you can also experience the Piazza Venezia Fountain located in the center of the square. Once you stand next to the large white building, and overlook the square, you should look to your right and the place I am talking about is the very first restaurant you will see. The one partly covered by flowers.

I have yet to see anyone other than the old lady, greeting you at the door as you arrive, and almost instantly giving you what you wish for, a place at a table. I think this woman has been standing here for most of her life, and she is simply the most sweet and pleasant woman in all aspects, and you already know the food is going to be great before it is even served.

The only thing that bugs me right now, is that I can not remember what her restaurant is named. But I hope my description is adequate in order for you to find it for yourself.

The food is great, and after having eaten there a handful of times by now, I am yet to be disappointed. So why not come back?