5 reasons to visit Varenna

Varenna in Lake Como is one off the most visited city on this beautiful lake in Lombardy

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Varenna in 20 seconds

Varenna on Lake Como is one of the most charming villages in Italy. The city is a glossy image, like a painting, which has been painted over many hundreds of years without changing.

Varenna is located in Lombardy


Holiday in Varenna

How to reach Varenna

By car

Lake Como is a popular holiday destination for people going on self-drive holidays, and from the Danish-German border, you have no more than a 13-hour drive. If you drive non-stop.

The fastest route is A7, A96 and A13 which takes you through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland before hitting Lake Como.

By plane

Varenna is located between 50 and 100 kilometers from three international airports. Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate and Orio al Sirio in Bergamo.

You can reach Varenna from these airports in short time by car. Approximately an hour’s drive.

If you prefer not to go by car you can easily reach the train station, Stazione Centrale, in Milan by shuttlebus from Milano Malpensa og Linate.

Car vacation in Italy

By train

If we continue the trip from Stazione Centrale in Milan, there are trains to Bergamo, where you must change and continue towards Lecco. Here you must change again to get all the way up to Varenna.

The trip from Bergamo to Varenna takes about 40 minutes, and from Lecco, about 20 minutes.

By Ferry

You can take your car on the ferry, which sails across Lake Como. The connection between the municipalities of Bellagio, Cadenabbia and Menaggio, and stops in Varenna.

Varenna is also a stop on the route between Como and Colico, and between Lecco and Bellagio.

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The village

Varenna is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Lake Como thanks to its history, art, and architecture.

Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi are some of the historical sites that have made the city world famous and given it fame and international interest. Exactly as it deserves.

You’ll also find medieval beauty at the Vezio Castle, which was one of the lake’s main viewpoints. The large churches that are excellent examples of the different periods of religious nature that the village has gone through.

Visit Varenna slowly

When you go to the village you must not be in too much of a hurry. Take your time to enjoy the typical street scene with narrow streets and paths, some of which descend steeply towards Lake Como.

Take a leisurely walk along the shore and feel the romance while you admire the water reflected from the colorful facades on the lake side.


Varenna on Como Lake

Villa Cipressi in Varenna

A huge complex of gardens and villas created and built between the 14th and 18th century. Today, the villa represents the harmony between the ancient and the modern, which has become possible through a restoration, where the existing was of course preserved.

It was originally an inheritance for the Serponti family, but in 1980 it was taken over by the public and today it is owned by the municipality.

The garden is a very popular place for weddings. Couples from all over the world come here to get married.

Villa Monastero in Varenna

This is probably the place that has made Varenna so famous. This magnificent villa which, with its gardens, makes the place picturesque and cozy.

It is a mixture of architecture, art, and botanical wonders, which over several centuries have created an adventurous connection with/to the lake.

The almost 2-kilometer-long garden is hard to put into words, apart from the usual platitudes like beautiful and breathtaking, and whatever else comes to mind. I would say that the garden and the villa simply must be experienced when you come to Varenna.
It’s fantastic!

San Giorgio

In the middle of the village, you will find the church, San Giorgio, whose large facade is a fresco depicting San Cristoforo. The church has stood here since 1313.

The construction is believed to have taken place in three stages, but exact dates are difficult to find. The church is a typical example of medieval Lombard architecture. The church was restored in the 20th century.

Lunch in Varenna

When you have walked uphill and downhill through the village you need food.

Of course, I needed that too, on my trip to Varenna a few years ago, and I had delicious salad with a sea view.  Of course!

Varenna Restaurant