Lombardy has it all. Here you’ll find wealthy cities, world class nature such as the lakes, as well as fashion and riches in the centrally located Milan, the capital of Lombardy.

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Lombardy in 20 seconds

The lakes in the northern part of the region are some of the most quiet and beautiful to be found in all of Lombardy.

The second largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda, is Lago di Maggiore which stretches into the Swiss Alps and offers lots of warmth and romance.

The region has it all. Here you’ll find wealthy cities, world class nature such as the lakes, as well as fashion and riches in the centrally located Milan, the capital of Lombardy.



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Impressive Lombardy

Lombardy stretches from the Alps at the border to Switzerland, through the fantastic lakes of Como and Maggiore, to a place where things flatten significantly, near the Po river.

The region has it all. Here you’ll find wealthy cities, world class nature such as the lakes, as well as fashion and riches in the centrally located Milan, the capital of Lombardy.

Are there any reasons to mention other beautiful cities and towns in Lombardy? Yes of course! Mantova is home to beautiful aristocratic houses, and is surrounded on three sides by lakes formed at the banks of the Mincio River. Cremona is also worth a visit, where the main attraction is the sumptuous Duomo in Piazza del Comune.

Milano in Lombardy

Bergamo is another absolute treasure! This lovely mountain town lies a short distance from Milan, and it really has a distinct charm and coziness about it that deserves to be visited several times throughout your life. The city can also boast of the new district, Bergamo Bassa, as well as the upper part of the city, Bergamo Alta, which is situated in the top part of the city. Alta draws millions of tourists to Bergamo each year, with its clusters of medieval and renaissance buildings strewn all over the place.

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The city is known for being the home of violins, and this is evident in the streets where you pass several violin workshops and other related stores. Walking into one of these workshops is like stepping back in time.

The violin makers have plied their trade in their workshops in Cremona for more than 400 years. The families behind these shops made the violins world famous and best known of them all is the Stradivari family.

These traditions live on to this day, with violins made in all sorts of different wood. In Cremona’s old town you’ll find workshops where the classic model is produced by designs which were tested between the 16th and 18th centuries. These designs were primarily made by the Amati, Guarnieri and Stradivari families.

Cremona’s violin craft was awarded UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2012.

Cremona kirke lombardy

Torrazzo di Cremona

The bell tower that rises 112 meters and stands right next to the city’s beautiful Duomo in Piazza del Comune is the symbol of the city. The tower was made in two phases. The first part was completed in 1305, while the top took a while longer, and only finished some time in the 16th century.

The astronomical clock is able to indicate the movements of the stars and the phases of the moon. This was installed back in 1583. This is amazing in every way, and it is fascinating to think how this could be done at that time, when the tools available must be said to be markedly different from today. The clock mechanisms are even the original ones, however the dial was repainted in 1970.

The 7 bells are each dedicated to their own individual saint.

Varenna on Como Lake

Varenna on Lake Como

Varenna on Lake Como is one of the most charming villages in Italy. The city is a glossy image, like a painting, which has been painted over many hundreds of years without changing.


Sirmione on Garda Lake

Sirmione is one of the most popular destinations on Lake Garda and a city that every year, mainly during the summer holidays, is visited by sun-hungry people from cooler northern Europe.


Castello Scaligero in Sirmione
Lake Maggiore in Piedmont

Lake Maggiore

Although the northernmost tip of this magnificent lake actually lies within Switzerland, it obviously has to be included here as well, since most of it lies on Italian soil. 

As well as the lake being split between two countries, the lake also resides in two Italian regions. The eastern side belongs to Lombardy, while the west side belongs to Piedmont.

Lake Maggiore is picturesquely beautiful, and indeed the very greatest attractions, the Borromean Islands, are of absolutely immense beauty.


The great guide to your holiday on Lake Garda

We would like to recommend a holiday to Lake Garda on this site, despite concerns about it being a tourist hell, due to it undoubtedly being one of the most popular resorts in all of Italy.

In this article you will get an exciting and different overview of the countless hidden gems that are to be found around Lake Garda. Those that are not so well known by tourists, but loved by the locals.


Holiday on Lake Garda
Duomo in Milan in Lombardy


Milan – the capital of northern Italy and the epicenter of fashion, commerce and a host of cultural influences.

When visiting Milan, it is obvious that we are now in the rich part of Italy, which shows in the composition of the city, and where it is impossible to miss the countless shops and malls.

Milan also has a wealth of exciting offerings, from the Duomo, the largest and most complex building in Italy, to the Teatro alla Scala, the most famous opera house in the world.


Lake Como

Lake Como is surrounded by an idyllic landscape, featuring cliffs and mountains all the way around (pretty much), not to mention the impressive Alps in the background.

The clear water of the lake is naturally a delight for water lovers, both those who wish to swim and bathe, but just as much for those who enjoy speed, whether that be in a speedboat or on waterskis.


Lake Como in Lombardy
Lake Como


Como is the lake’s spectacular and beautiful capital. Here you can experience beautiful views, beautiful churches, silk and majestic villas next to Lake Como.

Como is located on the western part of Lake Como’s two branches, which face south. The inverted Y of Lake Como is with Lecco on the east and Como on the west side.