Genoa – The capital on the Italian Riviera

For those that visit Genoa are rewarded generously. Featuring the almost too beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

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Genoa in 20 seconds

Genoa is the capital on the Italian Riviera. Take a walk on Piazza de Ferrari and a take a drink in the old citycenter.

Genoa is hometown for the biggest Aqaurium in Europe.

Genoa is located in Liguria


Holiday in Genoa

About Genoa

There is something refreshing about Genoa, and it might well be originating from the deep blue Mediterranean Sea that lies right in front of your feet. But it is also due to the history which this city is proud of, and which the inhabitants of the city are more than happy to show the many tourists.

Something for the tourists

For those that visit Genoa are rewarded generously. Featuring the almost too beautiful Mediterranean Sea, the mountains in the background that provide a nice wall from the wind, to the colossal history, art and music. You can find everything here. Once you are on the streets you will be mingling with the wealthy Genoese inhabitants, and you might wonder if Mark Twain was right when he said that the women in Genoa are the prettiest in all of Italy. 

Possibly the largest center in Europe

The mansions at Via Balbi and Via Garibaldi, as well as the paintings and sculptures strewn about the many churches and museums of the city, are without a doubt some of the best examples in the northwestern part of Italy. Genoa is like a picturesque painting, squeezed in between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains. And the walk through the supposedly largest city center in Europe, covering 113 hectares, will elevate your trip to Genoa even further.

La Superba

Genoa is also known as “La Superba” – The pride of the Mediterranean. Today it functions as an important industrial city, and the inhabitants have cultivated a diverse and exciting cultural life. Here people were celebrating the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s discovery of America in 1992, and in 2004 the city served as the European Capital of Culture, when the Genoese once again showcased their beautiful city in the usual proud fashion. And proud they are!

Independent people

When the G8 summit was held in Genoa in 2001, Silvio Berlusconi ordered all the clotheslines removed from the center, and they were. But only for a moment, before people hung out underpants, boxers and knickers on the many clotheslines, just to put forth a statement, that they were in charge of their own city. Such a thing was not for the then head of government to decide!

Restaurants in Genoa


Typically you will enjoy a meal in one of the nearby restaurants, then enjoy a drink at delle Erbe before continuing the party in the narrow streets at one of the many bars and discos.

It is impossible to go wrong by visiting an Italian restaurant, and especially so here, in the capital of Liguria! You will not be dining in the massive restaurants that offer buffets with food that nobody knows how long has been there, and that nobody probably wants to know if we are being honest.

In Italian restaurants you will instead find small, delicious and cozy restaurants, where Italian is the only language spoken, by the guests that is.

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A walk in Genoa

The landmark of the city is visible wherever you move about in Genoa, and the lighthouse called Lanterna dates all the way back to the 12th century. Besides being an important aide for ships navigating the sea, Lanterna is also one of the tallest lighthouses in the world. If you include the cliff on which the lighthouse is built, the tower measures an impressive 117 meters.

Piazza de Ferrari

A walk in the city center will naturally lead you to Piazza de Ferrari, which is adorned by a marvelous bronze fountain, the greatest symbol of Genoa. Several streets branch out into the city from this enormous square, including Via XX Settembre, where you will find several expensive brands and shops, and where the classic evening stroll really can be enjoyed to the fullest. The beautiful porticoes on the marbled streets allow you to take shelter from the sometimes cold winter weather that occasionally hits the area.

Genoa in Liguria

Piazza della Vittoria

Via XX Settembre connects two of the main squares in the city. The famous and spectacular Piazza de Ferrari and Piazza della Vittoria with the impressive triumphal arch. The arch is called Arco della Vittoria, and was inaugurated in 1931 as a memorial to the fallen of World War I. The sloping lawn in between the two steps is decorated throughout the year, with anchors and ships in honor of Columbus. Here you can experience a difference in the color of the flowers, depending on the time of year you are visiting the city.

Palazzo dei Rolli

The baroque boulevards of Via Balbi and Via Garibaldi bear witness to the days of old when the city was at its grandest, and you will see signs of the wealth that once reigned in Genoa. Via Balbi is home to a number of prestigious buildings, including the Royal Palace, Palazzo Reale, both buildings that you can find within a short distance from the University and the Piazza Principe railway station.

Palazzi dei Rolli is a beautiful example of the historic buildings in Genoa, and was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006.

Via Garibaldi has a unique style that lends the street an international flavor, causing the street to be listed as part of the Palazzi dei Rolli, which is on the list of World Heritage Sites.

Palazzo dei Rolli Genoa
Acqario Genoa

Acquario di Genova

The giant aquarium in Genoa is the main attraction in the city. The aquarium is the largest in Italy, and even the second largest in Europe, after the Oceanarium in Valencia. The aquarium can also boast of being the 9th largest in the entire world. You will find the aquarium on Ponte Spinola, in the old port area of Genoa.

The aquarium first opened its doors in 1992 as part of their honoring Columbus, due to the 500th anniversary of his discovery of America. The surrounding area was designed by architect Renzo Piano, while Peter Chermayeff is behind the drawings for the aquarium.

Piazza delle Erbe

The old town features authentic crooked and narrow streets that may seem old and slightly worn, but that is not on your mind for long, and almost goes unnoticed in this charming area. 

Piazza delle Erbe is a peaceful little square during the day, where small eateries serve up their delicious dishes on the sloping ground (the square actually slopes quite a bit). At night the Erbe transforms into a sea of people, with music playing from the various bars and the Italian gestures reaching their peak after dark.

This is where the action takes place at night. This is where the locals come and go in delle Erbe, and the surrounding streets, including Via S. Donato, which is connected to Erbe, and where bars and discos lay side by side.