Sperlonga is a popular seaside resort in the southern part of Lazio and is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy with beautiful beaches.

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Sperlonga is a popular seaside resort in the southern part of Lazio and is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy with beautiful beaches.

Sperlonga is popular resort for the Romans and has been so for many centuries.

Sperlonga is located in Lazio


Holiday in Sperlonga

Visit Sperlonga by train

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All you have to do is buy the ticket, get on the train and present the ticket with the QR code to the train conductor.

By train to Sperlonga

If you are going to Sperlonga by public transport, take the train to Fondi-Sperlonga. Busses to Sperlonga stop in front of the station. The bus company is called Piazzoli.

How to reach Sperlonga

By car from Rome

Take the A1 motorway, Autostrada del Sole, and continue along it until you reach the Frosinone exit. Then drive towards Terracina and when you get there you will find signs for Sperlonga.

Note that when you get off the motorway, you have over 1 hour’s drive despite the short distance of just under 150 kilometers because it’s quite a convoluted ride.

By car from Naples

If you are coming from Naples, you must also take the A1 motorway. When you get to the other side of Caserta, take the Capua exit. From here you enter the motorway towards Rome, where you must follow the signs for Formia, Gaeta and Sperlonga.

By plane

Sperlonga is located a good 2 hours’ drive south of Fiumicino Airport in Rome. From here you can take the beautiful trip along the coast, or drive towards Rome and follow the A1 motorway.

From Rome’s second and smaller airport, Ciampino Airport, you have a good hour and a half drive on the Autostrada del Sole, motorway A1.

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Holiday in Sperlonga

Sperlonga is popular resort for the Romans and has been so for many centuries.

The town is surrounded by beaches that invite total relaxation on the alluring sunbeds, with accompanying parasols to protect you from the beating hot sun, that welcomes you to this holiday paradise south of the capital of the world.

The town is a complicated and convoluted affair. The old town is situated on a cliff, covered with small streets and alleys that crisscross and cross, almost like a labyrinth.

The town’s charm is obvious, and the whitewashed houses and the narrow streets, also do a splendid job in that regard.

From up here, it is possible to get some fantastic views over the Mediterranean Sea. Down by the sea, lies the town’s more modern district.


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Sperlonga is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is on the list of Borghi piu belli d’Italia.

Remarkable buildings such as the church, Chiesa Santa Maria di Sperlonga, and the ancient Roman villas lined up along the coast, in and around the small town, are another good reason to visit Sperlango.

Here it is worth mentioning the Villa di Tiberio, the Roman emperor Tiberio’s luxury villa, which was excavated back in 1957. The villa is in the southern part of the city, where you will also find La Grotta di Tiberio, which was used as a cool dining room in the happy Roman days.

Magnificent nature experiences are just around the corner. Parco Regionale Riviera di Ulisse, stretches along the coast of the Gulf of Gaeta, and includes the protected area around Monte Orlando.

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The beach in Sperlonga

It is the beach of Sperlonga that makes the town a popular holiday destination for Romans and many others. The beach can boast of being the owner of the Blue Flag, which it has had since 1997.

The crystal-clear water is a gift and has attracted many great artists to the town over the millennia.

On your holiday here, you will be fascinated by and fall in love with the unique landscape and the great variety of fish and nature underwater.

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