Ponza is a wonderful island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, halfway between Rome and Naples and just 5 minutes by boat from the Italian mainland.

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Ponza is an island in the Lazio region.

Take a ferry to this bautiful island and make a fulltime ralaxing holiday.

Ponza is located in Lazio


Holiday in Ponza

The trip to Ponza

To reach the island you must go to Terracina from where you can take the ferry. The ticket office is located on Via del Molo and it’s opened every day until 7.00 pm.

There is approximately one and a half hour’s drive from Rome to Terracina. Take SS148 (Strada Statale 148 Pontina) southwards, exit at the off-ramp Naples/Terracina, enter SS7 (Strada Statale 7) and follow this the last 40 kilometers.

If you are travelling by train, take the train from Roma Termini to Priverno/Fossanova. From there get on a bus to Terracina.  Transport time is approximately one hour and 40 minutes.

There are also ferries to Ponza from Formia, Anzio and S. Felice Circeo but these only sail during summer.

Ponza harbour Lazio

The size of Ponza

Ponza covers an area of 722 hectares and is 7 kilometres long and 2 kilometres wide. On the northern side at Cala d’Inferno and Cala dell’Acqua the island is only 2 kilometres wide, and here you can see both sides of the island.

Ponza is the largest island in the archipelago, Isole Ponzione, from where you can go on daytrips to Gavi, Zannone, Palmarola, Ventotene and Santo Stefano.

Palmarola is considered one of the worlds most beautiful islands. This testifies to how beautiful this area and these islands, that we are visiting now, are.


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Nature on Ponza

Before you arrive to the port of Ponza you will discover that this, with the sea on all sides and the surrounding hills, is a fascinating island to visit.
Treat yourself with a trip around the island, where you will discover the lovely nature and undiscovered places far out on the thinnest branches of Ponza.

Here you can isolate yourself, find peace of mind and be good to yourself in an otherwise hectic everyday life. The keyword here is peace, and that’s probably why many Italians spend their holidays here; to be good to themselves and enjoy the peace in beautiful and fascinating surroundings.

Find one of the may bays for example the one near Punta della Madonna, where the beach invites to total relax and sunbathing under the warm Mediterranean sun.

If you want to find the most beautiful beach on Ponza, head towards Chiaia de Luna, which is dominated by yellow-white cliffs that rise 100 meters above the sea.

Ponza Lazio

If you are looking for something beautiful, this is it, and the white beaches with the blue sea are the symbol of how fantastic Ponza is.

Remember your swimwear when you go to Ponza. Jump into the azure sea and enjoy life whether you are visiting the island for a single day or for a two-weeks sun holiday near one of the lovely beaches.

The cuisine

The Italian cuisine is known as one of the best in the world, and the cuisine on Ponza is no exception. The island is known for its many dishes that come from the sea.

Here for obvious reasons, it’s the daily catch that is mainly used. You will be served spaghetti with clams, tuna in oil, marinated anchovies, pasta with crabs, lobster, fish soup and the typical “acqua pazza”, which was once the fishermen’s only meal.

What to see on Ponza?

Grotta di Pilato, located in the southern part of the harbor, is a unique experience. It is an underground and underwater archaeological complex that commemorates the ancient legend, Ponzio Pilato.

Are you a skilled diver? If you are, we recommend diving in the sea at Ponza among rocks, meadows and red algae. It is a unique experience.

Ponza Lazio