In a unique landscape where the sea and the mountains meet deep valleys and citrus trees, Sorrento is the perfect host for a wonderful holiday on the Sorrento Peninsula.

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Sorrento in 20 seconds

Sorrento is known for its citrus groves and beautiful countryside.

Here you can expericence the southern italian atmosphere very close to your holiday.

Sorrento is located in Campania


Holiday in Sorrento

How to reach Sorrento

The city is located on the northern side of the Sorrento Peninsula, meaning we are south of Naples and north of the Amalfi coast, which is the southern part of the peninsula. When you arrive by car from the north on the motorway, you must take the exit at Castellamare di Stabia from where it takes approximately 45 minutes to drive the last 25 kilometers to reach the city.

By plane from Rome or Naples

From the two airports in Rome, Ciampino and Fiumicino, it takes a 3 hour’s drive to get to Sorrento while it takes less than an hour to reach the city from the airport in Naples.

By bus from Rome or Naples

Several bus companies can take you to Sorrento. In Rome the bus departs from Tiburtina and in Naples it departs from Piazza Garibaldi. It takes less than 2 to get to Sorrento from Naples.

Car vacation in Italy

By boat from Naples

You can get to Sorrento by boat from Molo Beverello. For the most, this is a different experience and a great one that you should read more about on this website.

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Arrival at Sorrento

Form the first moment upon your arrival you will feel the hospitality with which visitors are greeted. There is no doubt that the inhabitants are used to meeting many tourists every year, but they know how to treat you with warmth, an ability that the dear southern Italians have and are born with.

Sorrento’s location on the rocky ridge of the Sorrento Peninsula has made it a popular holiday destination for several centuries and with good help from the climate Sorrento is the perfect host for a good holiday. You can experience the warm climate down here almost all year.

Sorrento oozes beauty with its architectural gems, history, landscape and of course the local cuisine, which is as safe as in the rest of Italy. The food in this area is world class, and you must try their limoncello produced with local lemons.

Sorrento i Campania


The historic center is a natural choice when you go shopping. Here you will find an endless series of shops, which offer a multitude of souvenirs and local crafts. You will primarily find ceramics but also spices and textiles in the many shops.

The wood craftsmen sit in front of their small shops, and it is a delightful joy to see and meet these local craftsmen who give you a colorful experience during your shopping which calls for a cappuccino despite the heat or for a glass of ice cold limoncello.

Tourist attractions

Cattedrale dei Santi Filippo e Giacomo, built on an old Greek temple, has a Gothic façade from 1924. See the beautiful frescoes on the ceiling and the marble-based reliefs on the right side of the cathedral.

Basilica di Sant’Antonino, a basilica built in the 11th century and contains the remains of the city’s guardian angel, Sant’Antonio.

Chiesa dei Santi Felice e Baccolo is located in the city center and has been cathedral for several centuries.

From Villa Silvana you get a stunning view of the bay of Naples and Vesuvio. Take the stairs down and towards the sea where you will be surrounded by lemon trees, pines, and vines while the bay moves at your feet.

Sorrento in Campania

You can easily have high expectations for your meeting with Sorrento because it is guaranteed not to disappoint you.

Piazza Tasso in Sorrento

There is no doubt that this is the square where people meet just to meet or to get that cup of coffee that has long waited to be drunk and enjoyed.

All the while sitting in Piazza Tasso and feeling the tranquility of this square, and after drinking your Spritz, you can eat locally at one of the many restaurants.

This square is protected with beautiful buildings. Here we can talk about Palazzo Correale with its beautiful, tiled courtyard and about the baroque church, Santa Maria del Carmine, which has stood here since 1572.

You will see a statue of Torquato Tasso, Renaissance poet, and the man after whom the square is named. In the middle of the square, you will find a statue of Sant’Antonio, the city’s guardian angel, who took refuge here at the time when the Lombards attacked.