Ravello is the charm of the Amalfi Coast and a balcony overlooking the magnificent coast with the most beautiful gardens and villas

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Ravello in 20 seconds

Ravello is the balcony and view of the magnificent Amalfi Coast in Campania.

The two large and beautiful gardens of Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo are simply outstanding examples of magnificent architecture and beauty.

Ravello is located in Campania


Holiday in Ravello

How to reach Ravello

By car from Naples

When you come from Naples and down towards Salerno you drive on the A1 motorway, from where you have to enter the A3 motorway and here you will see signs for the Amalfi Coast and Vietri sul Mare.

When you go up to Ravello, leave the SS163 to then follow the SS373, which takes you the last kilometers up to Ravello. You can’t help but notice the steep rise when you go up, and vice versa, it naturally goes steeply downhill, so make sure you have your foot on the brake, almost constantly.

By car via Sorrento

From Naples you can also drive over Sorrento to get down to Ravello. From the A1 motorway, transfer to the A3 and exit at Castellamare di Stabia, where you must join the SS 145 until you reach Meta. From here it’s onto the SS 163 and down towards the Amalfi Coast.

Car vacation in Italy

By plane to Ravello

The nearest airport is in Naples. If you have not rented a car here, it is possible to get into Napoli Centrale, Sorrento or Salerno by bus.

In high season, there are direct buses from the airport down to the Amalfi Coast. I’m not quite sure though if it stops in Ravello or if you must get off down on the main road on the coast.

By ferry

As you probably know, there are ferry departures to and from the Amalfi Coast, which I can recommend you try, as it offers a beautiful view towards the coast.

If you are on such a trip and want to visit Ravello, you can get off in Amalfi and take a bus or taxi up to the town.

Flight travel Italy

Visit Ravello by train

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All you have to do is buy the ticket, get on the train and present the ticket with the QR code to the train conductor.

By train and bus to Ravello

With public transport, you jump on a train from Naples down to Salerno. From here there are daily departures to the Amalfi Coast.

The SITA buses run from both Salerno and to Amalfi and from Amalfi up to Ravello.

If you are going by train from Naples and via Sorrento, there are buses a short distance from the railway station in Sorrento, and here the SITA buses also run down to the Amalfi Coast and up to Ravello.

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Ravello is my favorite

It’s hard to pick a favorite spot on the Amalfi Coast, as all the spots on the Amalfi Coast are beautiful, but my personal favorite is this little gem, perched high above the coast.

The city center is a place for good shopping opportunities, and we are not talking about big and tiring shopping centers, but about small authentic shops where you can buy all kinds of ceramics and all kinds of gastronomic delights from the local cuisine, which you will find all around in the many restaurants along the entire the coast.

Ravello on the Amalfi Coast

Villa Rufolo in Ravello

When you walk around Ravello, you experience the atmosphere, which is top notch, but you also have to see Villa Rufolo, which is undoubtedly the town’s jewel.

A masterpiece of architectural charm and timelessness that captivates you and has captivated millions of guests who have come here. The villa built by the Rufolo family around the 13th century is a huge architectural heritage that attracts millions of Italian and foreign tourists to Ravello.

The villa offers many attractions, you can experience the Coral Museum and get an insight into Ravello’s history, but it is the terrace that really captivates you. Here you get a fantastic view of the mountains and the sea. You can enjoy the view all the way from the Cilento coast to the beginning of the Amalfi coast. I have no words for how beautiful it is here.

Villa Cimbrone

The other villa in Ravello cannot be compared to Villa Rufolo, but this historic building still exudes an indescribable beauty.

The origins of the garden and the villa go back to the 11th century. The British nobleman, Lord Grimthorpe was behind an extensive renovation in the 20th century.

Today it is a 5-star hotel which makes it possible to visit the villa all year round. The road to the villa is a beauty itself.

The vast expanses and magnificent views make the garden a popular venue for weddings and parties. Where The Infinity Terrace is an obvious place for a wedding photo, surrounded by the marble busts and the beautiful blue sky over the Amalfi Coast.

Ravello in Campania Villa Rufolo

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a long stretch of land that is located on the southern part of the Sorrento Peninsula, and one of the most beautiful of its kind to be experienced and imagined. The Italians also lovingly refer to the Amalfi Coast as the Divine Coast, and you will soon realize why. The Amalfi Coast brings us to one of the most beautiful areas for vacation that God has ever created on this earth. Of course, this is our subjective opinion.


Amalfi on the Amalfi Coast