Naples is the anarchic metropolis of Campania, where we are talking about grand buildings, great museums, cosmopolitan vigor and a first class location.

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Naples in 20 seconds

Naples is the anarchic metropolis of Campania, where we are talking about grand buildings, great museums, cosmopolitan vigor and a first class location. Naples is unquestionably, despite the rumors, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Although one of the most densely populated places in Europe, the city is marked by immense chaos. But fortunately for tourists, this comes to life in a positive light, as the southern Italian charm stands out more prominently in the middle of the large city.

Naples is located in Campania


Holiday in Naples


East of the Museo Archelologico Nazionale, in the triangle between it, Piazza Plebiscito and Piazza Garibaldi, is where the old Naples with medieval streets and churches are to be found. The fortress of Castel Nuovo stands tall, and perhaps slightly arrogant with all its might, located right next to the water in the beautiful bay. From there you can enjoy a short walk up to the Teatro San Carlo and the Carlo Umberto I, and experience the large and impressive glass roof.

Quartieri Spagnoli – the Spanish Quarter, is one of the most densely populated areas of the city. The lively and very colorful neighborhood is exactly what we all expect Naples to be.

The view from Castel Sant’Elmo, with the majestic volcano Vesuvius on the horizon, once again makes you feel the absolutely stunning beauty of Naples. Sant’Elmo dominates the cityscape. Indeed, the castle almost assaults the city from the top of Vomero.

Naples Quartieri Spagnoli

A view of Vesuvio

When visiting the castle you will be roughly 250 meters above sea level, and rewarded with a magnificent view of Vesuvio, as well as a stunning vista showcasing the magnificent and adorable bay. The castle itself is shaped like a star in a symmetrical position, which made it an impregnable fortress.

The castle has its origins in 1275, under the leadership of Carlo I d’Angio. In 1329 Roberto D’Angio had the castle made even bigger. While historians have trouble pinpointing the exact date, we believe that between 1538 and 1546 the name was changed from the original, Erasmus, to the name we know today, Sant’Elmo.

Today we find it to be a Museum, Napoli Novecento, and in addition there are several different events, exhibitions and fairs taking place in the castle. Almost 200,000 visitors came here in 2016 alone. They read about prices and opening hours, among other things, on the website here.

The Royal Palace in Naples

Palazzo Reale is the royal palace that you will find located in Piazza Plebiscito, in the center of Naples. You will find the main entrance from the Plebiscito. It is an impressive building with a magnificent facade, and in general you will find beautiful facades from all sides, not least from Piazza Trieste.The reason why it is considered to have a stunning facade, is because of its beautiful style of course, but also very much because of its length, which in Piazza Plebiscito stretches over 169 meters. 

Teatro di San Carlo

The Teatro di San Carlo is connected to Palazzo Reale. The theater is the oldest in Europe, and the oldest active theater in the entire world. It is one of the largest theaters in Italy as it can seat 1,386 people. 

Its size, structure and architecture have made the San Carlo the model for several theaters in Europe. It was inaugurated in 1737 and to this day it is still as beautiful as it was then. Read more on the San Carlo website about the specific plays you can enjoy.

Naples in Campania

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See Maradona in the Spanish Quarter

After his death in 2020 paintings featuring their god were created around Naples. If you followed the media on and around the day of his death, you may have seen some of them on TV. If not you can visit Naples and see some of them.

I did just this when we visited Naples, and while we had many goals for our trip to Naples, a pretty big goal was to see at least one of these paintings.

The most famous painting of Maradona can be found at 46 Emanuele de Deo, and this particular painting lies inside the Spanish Quarter. Besides the huge painting you can see here, there are a ton of pictures where he appears both for Boca Juniors, Argentina and of course in the Napoli jersey.

Maradona in Naples