Capri is a gift in beautiful surroundings, from the highest peaks of Monte Solaro down to the Blue Grotto.

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Capri in 20 seconds

Capri has been a popular tourist destination for hundreds of years, and when you've been here for a few hours, or seconds, you'll slowly find out why. 

Capri is located in Campania


Holiday in Capri

How to reach Capri

The ferries to Capri depart from many cities in Campania. Naples, Castellammare, Sorrento, Amalfi and Positano do all have ferry services to the island.

Below you will find information about the ferry services from Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

Be aware that car driving is not permitted from April to November.

Villa san Michele på Capri

From Naples

There are two piers in Naples, from where there are ferry services to Capri: Mole Beverello and Calata di Massa. The ferries that depart from Beverello are high-speed ferries, while the ferries that departure from Calata di Massa are slower ferries.

You must keep an eye on the departure times because they often change. I therefor recommend that you check the time schedule the day before departure or contact the ferry company.

Duration of the trip with the slow ferry is 80 minutes and 40 minutes with the high-speed ferry. If you tend to get seasick take the slow ferry.

From Sorrento

The ferry to Capri departs from Marina-Piccola port in Sorrento. You can take a bus to the port from the city center or walk from Piazza Tasso.

The high-speed ferry service from Sorrento to Capri has the most beautiful coastline on the left so make sure you position yourself on that side of the ferry.

From the Amalfi Coast

From April to October there are ferry services between this magnificent coast and Capri. The ferries depart from Salerno, Positano and Amalfi. In July and August there are also ferry services from Maiori.

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Tourist attractions on Capri

High season last long in Italy and particularly in the south where we are now. During high season Capri is almost overrun by tourists but is brings life to the island.

There are more than 14.00 inhabitants on the island but during high season more than 5.000 people arrive to Capri every day and we therefor recommend that you book your ferry tickets in advance.

No doubt that Capri is a huge tourist attraction as it is known for but don’t get this wrong. Capri is still worth a visit.

Because even if the island is crowded with tourists the inhabitants are still very hospitable and the island remains the same with its many views that take the breath away even from the pickiest visitors.

Capri and Grotta azurro

Monte Solaro

Anacapri is the second-largest town on the island. In the center of the town from Piazza Vittoria there is a chairlift to Monte Salero which raises 589 meters above the sea level and gives you a stunning view over Naples’ coastline. Stay there for a few minutes and enjoy the view!

The chairlift that takes you to the mountain costs 12,00 EUR but we will not be hold responsible for this amount as the price might change. The journey takes 12 minutes, and the chairlift is open to the public from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM from May to October.

If you choose to walk down from the mountain, first, you must be in good shape and then you must set aside half an hour for it.

Grotta Azzurra

Besides the above-mentioned attractions Grotta Azzura (The Blue Grotto) is the most famous. It has a cave with entrance from the sea. The grotto is “hidden” inside a blue sea of light which is why it’s called Duomo Azzurro (The blue cathedral)

There are boat sevices to Grotta Azzurra from Marina Grande, which is also where you arrive when you come to the island. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach The Blue Grotto from Marina Grande by boat. You can also take a bus from Capri town or Anacapri and from there continue the journey in a small rowboat.

It’s not permitted to enter the cave 24 hours a day so check out the visiting hours before you go there.

Villa San Michele

If you haven’t seen enough amazing views this day, you can find more of them from Villa San Michele. A beautiful older garden.

The Swedish doctor, Axle Munthe, lived here after he stopped working and, here he enjoyed his retirement.

I must repeat that the views you get from here are absolutely outstanding.

It costs 7,00 EUR to visit the garden and it is open to the public from 9.00 to one hour before sunset.