Monopoli in the heart of Puglia

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Monopoli in 20 seconds

Monopoli is a small fishing city by the sea with white limestone houses built close together in the small town south of Bari.

Monopoli is located in Puglia

apulien (puglia) region på den italienske hæl

Holiday in Monopoli

How to reach Monopoli

As you probably know, Puglia is the heel of Italy’s boot and Monopoli is located right on the Adriatic coastline approximately 40 kilometers from Bari while Bari Airport is 60 kilometers away.  So, if you travel by plane, it will take you approximately 50 minutes to reach this wonderful holiday destination by car.

There is no direct transport from Bari to Monopoli. You will have to take a bus from the airport to the city center and from there get a train. There are more than 30 trains each day running from Bari to Monopoli and the journey takes about half an hour.

You can also fly with several airlines to Brindisi which is 70 kilometers south from Monopoli.

Monopoli in Puglia
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The Port in Monopoli

The authentic part of the city is the port where you can feel the pleasant and fascinating atmosphere when you go for a walk after a delicious dinner. The port is Monopoli.

The port’s central location makes Monopoli more attractive than both Bari and Brindisi for sailors.

Here at the port, you will find Monopoli’s castle, Castello Carlo V, and you cannot leave the city without having visited it. The castle was built in the 16th century and has served first as Spanish military base then as prison. Nowadays it’s used for wedding parties, conferences, exhibitions and much more. 

Palazzo Martinelli Meo-Evoli is another popular worth seeing tourist attraction at the port. Go inside to admire the beautiful entrance hall, open the French doors from the 18th century and enjoy the beautiful sea view.


Monopoli in Puglia

Centro Storico in Monopoli

The historical center in Monopoli is, with its’ beautiful palaces and whitewashed houses, what you associate with the “real” Southern Italy. The locals call it “the old center”, and here you will find cultural treasures and churches side by side.

The historical center oozes charm with the cobbled alleys, the laundry hanging above you and the smell of the local food escaping from the kitchens’ green window shutters. This is the kind of charm that characterizes Italy’s heel.
When you go out at night you will meet the locals on their ”passeggiata”; an Italian tradition that means slow casual walking in the city center.

Monopoli is living at the sea. That’s easy to tell by the many different fish and seafood dishes served at the restaurants in the old center. Here you will also find modern cafes and bars where the young Italians meet and gather. In a city with almost 50.000 citizens there must be something for every taste within reach, and there is indeed.

Piazza Garibaldi is the most popular attraction in the center with all the beauty you can imagine. Here you will find the clock tower with the town’s coat of arms; 3 white roses on a red background.
Imagine yourself sipping a cappuccino at the historical Caffè Venezia while watching the life of the city

Monopoli in Puglia

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

The square commonly called “Borgo” is one of the biggest squares in Puglia. It was founded in 1796 thanks to approval of the King of Naples. The project was carried out by the architect De Simone.

At the center of this 18.000 square meters square you will find the War Memorial dedicated to the 300 soldiers of Monopoli who died in service during World War 1. A huge legionary with a sword in one hand and victory in the other, and at his feet a mother blessing her son and a woman comforting a widow who has lost her husband.

Recently the underground tunnels were reopened to the public. There were used for protection from the bombings during World War II.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II is worth a visit.

Popular Monopoli

Monopoli is defintely also worth a visit and it’s a short drive away from Bari, Alberobello, Martina Franca, Polignano a Mare just to mention a few.
The city’s central location in Puglia together with the historical center and not a least the sea makes Monopoli it an attractive holiday destination

Monopoli in Puglia