Alberobello is known for the amazing Trulli houses

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Alberobello in 20 seconds

Alberobello is known for the amazing Trulli houses. 

Take your holiday in this charming town in the deepest of the warm region Puglia.

Alberobello is located in Puglia

apulien (puglia) region på den italienske hæl

Holiday in Alberobello

How to reach Alberobello

Alberobello is located almost in the middle of the region Puglia, and there a quite good public transport connections to the town from both Bari, Brindisi and Taranto.

There are approximately 70 kilomters from Bari to Alberobello and this stretch is a spectacle of beauty and charm through the valley with the many trulli houses. The valley is called Valle d’Itria.

By airplane

There is no airport in Alberobello but there are airports in both Bari and Brindisi from where there are several busses to Alberobello. The busses run frequently all day and the prices for the tickets are reasonable. We are in Southern Italy after all.

Car vacation in Italy

By public transport

As mentioned before there are good public transport connections to Alberobello basically from all over Puglia, but the easiest way, depending on where you are staying, is to go to Bari and from there take the bus to Alberobello.

The connections from the region’s Capital are much more frequent than from other cities so if you are staying near Bari or at Bari’s coastline, I recommend this.


It can be a nightmare to find a parking in the big, or not big but very popular cities in Italy but luckily, it’s quite easy in Alberobello.

You might not be able to find parking in the town center but there are many parking options just outside and around the city.

For your information you will most unlikely find a parking that cost less than 2,00 EUR per hour.

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Hotels in Alberobello

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UNESCO in Alberobello

Alberobello is a remarkable place in Puglia and the town has gained a lot of attention from tourists.

The small town has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List due to its characteristic Trulli houses, and the town is an ideal candidate for a day trip during your holiday in Puglia. Especially if you stay overnight in a Trulli!

When you’re in the vicinity of the magnificent Alberobello, stop by Ostuni, also known as the White City!

Unknown origin

There is still no one who has really found out the origin of the Trulli houses. These distinctive, whitewashed, small cone-shaped houses therefore have no explanation, but that does not diminish the pleasure. Alberobello is the “Capital of the Trulli houses” which makes the town a huge tourist attraction.

The town is in fact very touristy with its’ many hotels (Trulli houses), souvenir shops and small cozy restaurants.

But it is cozy, very cozy, between the small houses on the crooked and narrow streets that pass through the whole area.

Trulli huse i Alberobello i Puglia

Trulli houses outside Alberobello

Trulli houses can also be found outside Aleberobello, although on a much smaller scale, but they occasionally pop up in the small rural areas.
Don’t forget to pay a visit to, Locrotondo, a fantastic white mountain town, and to walk the elegant streets in Martina Franca while you are in a land that gilds you with olive groves, vineyards and not least the beautiful trulli.