Abruzzo is beach in Pescara and high quality of nature in the background of the region

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Considering all the lovely things Abruzzo has to offer then this is an underrated region in Italy. Abruzzo has so much to offer to anyone visiting. Whether you wish to visit medieval cities like Scanno, enjoy a beach holiday in Pescara, or explore the natural beauty on a hiking trip, Abruzzo has something to offer for all ages and interests.


Abruzzo is also famous for its beautiful villages, which perhaps most of all characterize the lovely towns as they slope up and around mountains.
The organization known as “I Borghi più belli d’Italia”, which celebrates the very smallest and most beautiful villages in Italy, is known to be fond of Abruzzo, and Abruzzo comes in at the top of the list for the 257 most beautiful cities, sharing first place with Umbria.



Holiday in Abruzzo

The favorite destination for nature lovers

Much too often Abruzzo is discarded as a destination when planning a holiday in Italy. We often visit the larger urban cities like Rome, or we journey into Umbria, the green heart of Italy, and even Marche ranks above Abruzzo in popularity. But this region should not be underestimated!

The region offers the most beautiful and serene sandy beaches to the east, where you find the bathing town of Pescara. The city is overrun each summer, by both local and foreign tourists. In the middle of Abruzzo you will find nature like nowhere else in Italy, and quite possibly anywhere else on earth. One mountain top gives way for the next, and hikers from all over the world are provided with spectacular surroundings to explore in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo ved Civitella del Tronto


Abruzzo contains cities that are rich with history. The bathing city of Pescara is the largest in the region, while L’Aquila is the capital for the region.

Experience the Italian charm in the cities of Teramo and Chieti, and if you are looking to find Italy at its most beautiful, you should visit the small village in the mountains. We also find it prudent to mention Sulmona, which is placed beautifully at the feet of the towering mountains.

Pescara beach

Nature in Abruzzo

If it becomes too boring to relax at the beach, there are ample opportunities for spending some built up energy in the wild nature of Abruzzo, which among others include 3 large national parks. Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo ranks among the 10 most visited national parks in Italy, as millions of tourists visit the park each year.

This is also where we find the highest point of the Apennines, Corno Grande, which is located in Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, and reaches an impressive 2912 meters above sea level. 

Here all nature lovers will find everything their heart desires in terms of experiences, and the nature of the region can be explored both in winter and summer time, each season offering its own unique charm.

Parco Nazionale Majella in Abruzzo

Active holiday

Of course Abruzzo offers every opportunity to pursue your interests, whether we are talking about trekking, biking, canoeing, rafting, or just being quiet and admiring the rich wildlife that exists in the nature that Abruzzo offers.

And since we are at such extreme elevations, there is of course also the option of going skiing, which you can actually do quite a while into spring as well. In this region you can still clasp on a pair of skies as late as the end of march, early april. Monte Scindarella, which is a small promontory for Corno Grande, has all you need to have an amazing skiing holiday.

Relaxtion and beautiful attractions

After all of these hardships it is time to relax and wind down. And for this purpose, the medieval city of Scanno is the perfect place to find some quiet. And the word quiet also matches Abruzzo and its grand nature.

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The city is located in the southern part of Abruzzo, in the shadows of the Apennines, which even reaches the highest points here in this region. Scanno is just shy of two hours drive from the center of Rome, where you follow highway E80, and onwards to the city via SS479. You will follow the same route from the side of the coast near Pescara, where from there the city is just over one hours drive away. Scanno is a real treat, situated in the mountainous areas of Abruzzo, where the large Apennines cradle the city. Scanno is a wonder from medieval times, and this time period is still well preserved all around town. This is also why the city is, most likely, one of the largest attractions in the region.

Scanno in Abruzzo

Beautifil buildings

In Scanno you will find small, large and narrow stairs and alleys. And every once in a while another Piazza opens up with a large and magnificent church grabbing your attention. Every church feels as though it just perfectly fits in its place, with just millimeters to spare, and yet somehow it feels natural and like it belongs. Here you’ll find beautiful mansions where the women are embroidering, producing artisanal works that we otherwise only see made by machines in our modern society. This is Scanno. This is where people still use their folk costumes, this is the true Abruzzo. The early morning hours offer a lively market on Piazza del Duomo on every weekday, where many kinds of local products are sold. Scanno is also home to a wide range of churches, and they all have their own expression and design. There are world class museums, fountains with the purest water from the underground beneath Abruzzo, and even palaces to be found here. In short, you will find everything here. And for the relaxed and friendly citizens living here, it all proceeds in a tempo that we in Scandinavia and Europe can only envy.

Lago di Scanno

Lago di Scanno is not situated far away from the city, and is a popular place to drop by, before the trip possibly goes on towards Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo. The lake is well situated, almost 1000 meters above sea level, and in the summer months this is a popular area. There are also many possibilities here for entertainment, at least something we can all enjoy. From bathing in the lake, to sailing on it, and simply camping next to it.

Parco nazionale d’Abruzzo

Scanno is located just a few kilometers from the previously mentioned national park, Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo. This enormous park, which is almost 100 years old, offers you an experience of towering mountains, rivers and lakes, all accessible via a comprehensive path system so you never get lost, and can easily find your way. There are possibilities for horseback riding, and you can of course enjoy a hike, but also try out your skills as a mountain climber.